Saturday, December 07, 2013

Government of India Act of 1935 - Audio Lecture

Hey friends I hope this article finds you in best of the health and spirits. In this Audio Tutorial of Government of India Act of 1935, I will brief you in detail the various provisions that were enacted through this Government of India Act of 1935. This particular audio tutorial is of a higher duration (26 minutes) as there were many important provisions that were enacted through this Act.

Many important provisions of our current enacted Constitution were borrowed from the provisions of the Government of India Act of 1935 such as -

1. Federal Scheme of Governance
2. Office of Governor
3. Public Service Commissions.
4. Emergency Provisions
5. Judiciary

Important provisions in short that were enacted through this Government of India Act 1935 are listed below. However if you want to know in detail hear above Audio Tutorial.

1. The Dual Scheme of Governance known as dyarchy was abolished from the provinces and was introduced at the center. However the adoption of dyarchy at the center never came into operation. The provinces were allowed to function as autonomous units of administration.

2. Through this Act a Federal Court was established in 1937.

3.The Council of India that was set up through the Government of India Act of 1858 in order to assist the Secretary of State for India was abolished and the Secretary of State was provided with a group of advisors.

4. Bicameralism was introduced in Bombay, Madras, Bihar, Bengal, United Province and Assam.

5. Separate electorate was provided to Backward Classes, Laborers and Women.

6. This Act divided the powers between the Center and the Provinces by separating the subjects into 3 lists - FEDERAL LIST, PROVINCIAL LIST, CONCURRENT LIST.


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