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Latest Articles

Right to Constitutional Remedies Under Article 32 of Indian Constitution - 24th October 2016

Cultural and Educational Rights Under Article 29 & 30 of Indian Constitution - 24th October 2016

Minority Rights Under Article 25, 26, 27 and 28 of Indian Constitution - 23rd October 2016

Article 23 and 24 of Indian Constitution Right Against Exploitation and Child Labour - 23rd October

Article 22 of Indian Constitution Protection Against Arrest and Detention - 20th October

Article 21 of Indian Constitution Right to Life and Personal Liberty - 20th October 2016

Article 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 of Indian Constitution Detailed Explanation - 16th October 2016

Article 20 of Indian Constitution: No Double Jeopardy Self Incrimination and Ex Post Facto - 16th October

Union and Its Territory (Article 1 to 4) Part One of Indian Constitution - 12th October 2016

Article 143 of Indian Constitution - Advisory Jurisdiction of Supreme Court - 10th October 2016

Article 123 of Indian Constitution - Ordinance Making Power of President - 6th October 2016

Article 19 of Indian Constitution - Freedom of Speech Assembly Movement Trade - 4th October 2016

Causes of Distressed Migration in India and ways of how to solve it - 30th October 2015

Analysis about how Demographic Dividend of India can be properly utilized - 30th October 2015

Industrial(Manufacturing) Sector vs Services Sector in India Advantages and Disadvantages - 30th October 2015

Explaining the Concept of Universal Adult Franchise in India - 30th October 2015

Reforms required in the functioning of Cooperative Societies in Rural India - 30th October 2015

Advocates on Record Second Judges Case(1993) and Third Judges Case(1998) - 24th October 2015

Why Anti Dumping Duty in International Trade is Important for Developing Countries - 23rd October 2015

Views of Judiciary about 99th Amendment(NJAC) pursued by the Parliament of India - 22nd October 2015

Will you prefer your Happiness over Happiness for everyone around you - 22nd October 2015

Modern Day Characteristics of Indian Culture and its problems - 22nd October 2015

Can Communism Threaten Modern Day Democracy of India - 22nd October 2015

How Capitalism and Philanthropy Complement Each Other - 19th October 2015

Aiming High should not hamper your Happiness and Health - 25 August 2015

Effect of Devaluation of Yuan on Global Economy and India - 25th August 2015

WHIP in Indian Parliament - 19th August 2015

Why India is not willing to sign ITA(Information Technology Agreement) of World Trade Organization

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Assessment and Opposition in India

Special Economic Zones(SEZ) in India - Failure or Success

Various Problems in realising the Digital India Initiative

India Invests in Thirty metre telescope (TMT) being developed in Mount Mauna Kea Hawaii

Some Important Facts about India's Foreign Policy

Why Direct Benefit Transfer is difficult to implement in Kerosene

Is it Moral and Ethical to Imprison an Individual for wrongs committed by him??

Is it Good to Thank Others for their Good Work Towards the Society

Difference between the features of NITI Aayog and Planning Commission

What does Probity In Governance mean ??

Relationship between Citizen’s Right to Information and Probity In Governance

Define Civil Society and its Effects on Public Policy Formulation

Art & Culture of India Articles Starts

Evolution and Continuation of Indian Art and Culture (Detailed Analysis)

Everything about Indian Art (From Start to End) - Indian Art and Culture

Dance and Music of India (Detailed Analysis) - Art & Culture of India

British Interlude in the progress of Indian Art and Culture

Progress of Art and Culture in India after Independence

Hand Gestures type in traditional Indian Dance - Art & Culture of India

Major and Important Festivals of India - A Journey through Joy of Life

Art & Culture of India Articles Ends

Age of Enlightenment Articles Begins

Objectives & Introduction & Summary of Age of Enlightenment

Salient Features of the Age of Enlightenment

Leading Personalities and Groups of Enlightenment - Voltaire & Montesquieu & Rousseau & Kant & Physiocrats & Encyclopaedists

Age of Enlightenment Articles Finished

World History Articles Starts

Introduction To The Renaissance And Its Characteristic Features


(1914-1918) THE FIRST WORLD WAR - World History

The Age of Global Civilization - World History

(1917-1929) THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION - World History

(1919-1941) Imperialism and Nationalism - World History

(1912-1949) The Chinese Revolution - World History

(1919-1934) European Political Problems - World History

(1929-1939) The Great Depression - World History

(1931-1941) The Outbreak of the Second World War - World History

(1942-1945) The War In Asia and Pacific - World History

(1941-1945) Facts about the European War - World History

(1945 TO 1973) Conditions of Europe in the said period - World History

(1945-1991) Everything about the Cold War - World History

Since 1939 - Retreat From Empire - World History

Since 1945 - The United States as a World Power - World History

(Since 1929) The Development of Soviet Union and Russia - World History

Conditions in Europe Since 1973 - World History

Conditions of our World in the 21st Century - World History

The Global Economy as Harbinger of Global Peace - World History

World History Articles Ends

Industrial Revolution Articles Begins

Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

Geographical Advantages of England in Industrial Revolution

Long Tradition of Trading and Commercial Activities of England

Role of Walpole and Political Stability under the Whigs in Industrial Revolution

Agrarian Revolution - Fundamental Cause of Industrial Revolution

Population Growth as a factor of Industrial Revolution

Colonization and Colonialism - Growth of England’s Overseas Empire

Role of Religious Movements in Industrial Revolution

The First Stage of Industrial Revolution (1767-1830)

The Second Stage (1830-1870) of Industrial Revolution

The Third Stage (1870-1914) of Industrial Revolution

Economic Impact of Industrial Revolution

Social Impacts of Industrial Revolution

Political Impact & Intellectual Impact of Industrial Revolution

Summary of the Industrial Revolution and Key Words

Industrial Revolution Articles Finished

Indian History Articles Starts

British difficulties in ruling India after Second World War

Indian History Articles Ends

Indian Polity and Constitution Articles Starts

Veto Power of the President of India

Directive Principles of State Policy - An Introduction and Justification

Emergency and Financial and Military and Diplomatic Powers of the President

Judicial and Ordinance making powers of the President

Constitutional position of the President with respect to other organs

Legislative Powers of the President of India

Administrative Powers of the President of India

Vacancy in President's Office and Intro to power of the President

Oath & Term of Office & Impeachment of President of India

Election/Re-Election & Conditions of President's Office

Introduction to Union Executive and President of India

Fundamental Duties - (Article 51A) Constitution of India

Concept of Public Interest Litigation in India

Concept of Administrative Tribunals in India - (Article 323A & 323B) Constitution of India

Comptroller and Auditor General of India - (Article 148 - 151) Constitution of India

Model Code of Conduct in Indian Elections

The Attorney General of India - Article 76 Constitution of India

Advocate General - Article 165 of Constitution of India

Writs Classification in India - Indian Polity

Debate Around Supreme Court Verdict on approving Mercy petitions

Public Administration as Political science or Public law and a means of change

New paradigms in public administration according to Frederickson

Administration as a means to accomplish common Goals

Why Public Administration as a discipline should not be defined

Wider Ethical Commitment in Public Administration and Professionalisation of Management

Traditional Public Administration and New Public Management Question Writing

Abraham Maslow Need Hierarchy Theory and Herzberg Hygiene and Inducement Factors

Why Bureaucracy preserves its own power according to Weber

F W Taylor Scientific Management Theory Significance in present day Globalisation

Which Factors affect Emotive Rationality of Administrators

Pleasure Pain Calculus and Benthamite Public Interest in Public Administration

Government to establish Institutional Foundation for Markets

Changes in Public Administration due to Privatisation Movement

Impact of Globalization on Administrative and Development Ethics

Equality and Legitimacy more important than Good Management

Difference between Good Governance and Neo Wilsonism

Proactive Citizenry wants better Government not more Government

Application of Scientific Management Theory in India

Is Scientific Management Monopolizing Knowledge and Depersonalizing Work

Has Scientific Management Expanded the Scope of Public Administration?

Top Down Approach Versus Administrative Management Approach

Classical Principles of Public Administration are an Illusion or Reality

Is Coordination the Fundamental Principle of Every Organization

Social Ethics in Management Philosophy being affected by Human Relations Approach

Cooperation and Interdependence over Competition and Individualism.

It is important to have that particular knowledge which a situation demands

Difference in Leadership of Executives and Managers of an Organization

Difference between ways of doing work by Taylor and Bernard

Behavioural Approach of Chester Barnard in an Organization

Psychological Contract Pursued By Organizational Management

Kautilya’s Arthashastra very Important for present day Administration in India

Decisions Have Both Ethical and Factual Elements and Outcomes

Spying between countries a common phenomenon nowadays

Herbert Simon - Maintaining Organizational Efficiency Through Minimising Hierarchy Levels

Public Administration Articles Ends

Inspiring Articles Start

Motivate Yourself Against Depression - Inspire Yourself

Inspiring Articles Ends

Economics Articles Starts


Economics Articles Ends

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#Civil Services General Studies Paper Four Ethics Answer Writing
#Litas Currency,Jaipur Literature Festival,UAE Most Trustful Nation,Rainbow Revolution,Bilateral Investment Treaty
#Kerry Lugar Berman Act,Gross National Happiness,Right to Services,Section 20(8)(d) of the Representation of People Act 1950,Jan Rath AC bus service,Buddha Heritage Walk,Forest owlet (Athene blewitti)
#Why was Gandhiji more popular than other leaders
#PM 2.5,Air Quality Index,Global Depository Receipts,5/20 Policy,Section 69A of IT Act 2000,Make in India, Made in India,LARR Act 2013
#FATCA,NITI Aayog,PJ Nayak Committee,Goat Rearing,National Draft Health Policy 2015,Natya Kala Acharya Award
#(White,Brown,Gray Goods),Trans Pacific Partnership,Section 69A IT Act,Hamara Jal Hamara Jeevan,Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,Plant Protection Code,Bharatiya Governance model,Dongria Kondh
#Geo Engineering,Antimicrobials,Cryogenic Fuel in Refrigeration Transport Vehicles,Mission Indradhanush,Good Governance Day
#India stance on Palestine,FDI in Medical Devices,Know Your Customer Norms,Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya,Global Action Plan
#Cyber Warfare,Cyber Vandalism,Replacement Fertility Level,TFA,FTA,Health Expenditure Cut
#Effects of European Colonialism in South America
#Crony Capitalism,Consumer Protection Act 1986,IRDA Report on Health Insurance,NSSO Agricultural Household Report,Minimum Alternate Tax,Coral Bleaching,Wildlife and Human Encounter
#India Russia Bilateral Trade,Influenza A virus subtype H5N1,Fertilizer use Statistics in India
#What are Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers in India
#Black Money Laundering,GSAT 16,Green Diesel,Parchments,DNA Sequencing,Revenue Deficit,Fiscal Deficit,Current Account Deficit
#Development Definition,Black Money in Real Estate,Lacunae in Planning Commission,Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses
#NCW to legalise Prostitution, Department of Electronics and Information Technology to ban Pornography, Iraq long term accord with Kurdish region
#119th Amendment Bill Land Boundary Agreement Short Note
#Causes Growth Nature of Religious Extremism in Nigeria
#What is the proposed Indian Information Technology Service
#Has India achieved its target of MDG(Millennium Development Goals)
#Demerits of PAYMENT BANK Initiative of RBI(Reserve Bank of India)
#National Agroforestry Policy 2014 for Rural Development and Forest Conservation
#Role and Importance of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB) for India and other Countries
#Western Ghats Rainfall Distribution Pattern in Karnataka Maharashtra Kerala
#Tibet Plateau affect on Indian Monsoons and its Meteorological Importance
#Categorisation Procedure and Privileges of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna
#Tracing the development of Public Administration as a field of study
#IIFCL(India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited) and Companies Act 2013
#Universal Health Care, Asia Pacific Declaration on Women Rights, E auction of Coal Blocks, Medi Leaks Launched, SECC 2011, Insider Trading Norms changed by SEBI, Computerized Pilot Selection System
#International Yoga Day, Oil Price Stats, RBI regulating NBFC, Japan in Recession, India Australia Bilateral Relation, World Heritage Outlook Report, E-Vidhan Project, Indian Children out of school stats, Nuclear Power on Decline
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