Friday, January 04, 2013

General Knowledge Questions Part 7

Ques 65. A photostat machine works on the principle of

Magnetic image making

Ques 66. Who causes more serious burns - Steam at 100 degree or water 100 degree ?

Steam at 100 degree because of latent heat of vaporization

Note - Water starts boiling at 100 degree and when we heat it more it begins vaporizing and the excess heat provided is being stored in them as latent heat. This latent heat is the cause of more burns when compared with burns of boiling water.

Ques 67. The proverb "Man by nature is a political animal" is being said by -


Ques 68. How many molar teeth an adult man has ?

12 molar teeth

Ques 69. Meghna River is the combined flow of which 2 rivers ?

Ganga and Brahmaputra

Ques 70. What is 'Pacific Ring of Fire' ?

The Pacific Ring of Fire is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

About 90% of the world's earthquakes and 81% of the world's largest earthquakes occur along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Ques 71. What is Gulf Stream ?

The Gulf Stream is a strong, fast moving, warm ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is also a source of renewable energy production.

Ques 72. First Biosphere reserve of India is -

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is the first international biosphere reserve of India. It is in the Western Ghats, Nilgiri Hills range of South India. It was being set up in 1986.

Ques 73. Under whose rule was Buddhism introduced in Nepal ?


Ques 74. The Vijaya Stambha also known as Tower of Victory was built by -

Rana Kumbha

Ques 75. What was Poona Pact ?

The Poona Pact refers to an agreement between Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi signed on 24 September 1932 at Yerwada Central Jail in Pune, Maharashtra.

Below is a small snapshot of the text of this pact -

1. Seats will be reserved for the Depressed Classes out of the total quota of general electorate seats in the provincial legislatures.

2. In Central Legislature 18 per cent of the seats allotted to the general electorate for British India in the said legislature shall be reserved for the Depressed Classes.

3. All members of the Depressed Classes registered in the general electoral roll of a constituency will form an electoral college which will elect a panel of four candidates belonging to the Depressed Classes for each of such reserved seats by the method of the single vote and four persons getting the highest number of votes in such primary elections shall be the candidates for election by the general electorate.

Ques 76. British Conservative Party was previously known as


Ques 77. What was 'Bardoli Satyagraha' ?

The Bardoli Satyagraha was a revolutionary movement of civil disobedience and revolt in the Indian Independence Movement. Its architect was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. After this movement he was acknowledged as one of the greatest leaders of the independence struggle.

It occurred in 1928, in the state of Gujarat during British Raj.

Ques 78. What is Strait of Gibraltar ?

The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. It also separates Gibraltar and Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa.

Ques 79. What is Denatured alcohol ?

Denatured alcohol is ethanol mixed with some additives that make it poisonous for consumption.