Thursday, October 10, 2013

CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks College Wise Analysis

Dear friends as CAT 2013 is closing in many of you would be apprehensive about the number of attempts that you have to make in order to secure a call from the top MBA colleges of INDIA. Well frankly speaking if you have this question in mind than no one can answer this question appropriately in general as the answer of this question depends on loads of other factors. However if we have an idea about the difficulty level of the paper of your slot we can have a figure in our mind which can help us decide the amount of attempts that can help us to manage a call from our dream colleges. So let us discuss the cut offs colleges wise for some of the most desirable colleges of India.

1. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for IIM Ahmedabad - 

There are no fixed cut offs for this college as the calls from this college totally depends on your 10th, 10+2 and graduation examination. Last year in 2012 the weight-age of 10th and 10+2 examination was very high and the relative significance of graduation score was low when compared to senior secondary and higher secondary scores. So last year if you have scored high on 10th and 10+2 examination than it can manage you calls from this college even at a low score. In the coaching in which I teach, a guy who scored 99.62 percentile managed a call from IIM Ahmedabad and was finally selected in their PGDM course and at the other hand one topper of CAT 2012 did not even get a call from IIM A. So looking at this you can sum up that only your CAT score would not have guaranteed you a call from IIM A but this year in 2013 the situation is very much changed. 

Top 50 students from each academic discipline will get a chance to appear in the GDPI process irrespective of their scores in 10th, 10+2 and graduation exams.  In addition to this the relative weightage of graduation scores have increased with respect to the 10th, 10+2 scores. So this year those guys who have not fared well in 10th and 10+2 still have a chance if they have fared decently in their graduation exams.

2. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for IIM Bangalore -

If you have scored less than 80 percent in both 10th and 10+2 exams your chances of being shortlisted for GDPI in IIM Bangalore are very bleak. I am not getting offensive but these are the real stats of IIM Bangalore. One guy managed a final call in IIM B at a percentile of 99.50 in CAT 2012 but he had 90 percent plus marks in 10th and 10+2 exams. All guys who have good academic credentials should definitely put their target at IIM Bangalore.

3. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for IIM Calcutta -

10 percent weightage to both 10th and 12 th and 77 percent weightage to CAT 2012scores. The rest 3 percent reserved for girls. High percentile can help you secure a shortlist in IIM Calcutta. 

4. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for IIM Lucknow -

The only IIM that gives the least weightage to 10th, 10+2 and graduation scores. All those CAT aspirants who have poor academic credentials should aim at this college. 

5. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for IIM Indore and Kozhikode -

High weightage to 10th and 10+2 scores. 

6. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for FMS Delhi - 

Cut off of 98.73 percentile but in order to secure a seat you should score at least 99.80 percentile in CAT.

7. CAT 2012 Cut Offs Marks for MDI Gurgaon and SP JAIN Mumbai - 

Will get a call for GDPI at 96 percentile but high chances of converting it at 98 + percentile.

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