Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today was the 12th day of CAT 2013 and still there is no relief for aspirants who had prepared hard for this exam!!! Difficulty level is still very high and I think 18 attempts in each section are good enough to manage you in excess of 98 or even 99 percentile as the difficulty level of paper is on a much higher side compared to the previous years online CAT. This year many students are highly disappointed with their performance in this examination because many of them in spite of preparing very hard for the exam were not able to do well in it. Paper that are seen by students are very unconventional and tough. Most of the questions that are being seen in this years online CAT are from topics that are considered to be the toughest in whole of maths such Functions and Inequalities. So this year one thing can be said with full confidence that no matter if you have made less attempts but if you have maintained accuracy in your attempts you will definitely score a decent percentile. By saying good number of attempts I mean to say any number of attempts more than 30 out of 60 will be considered very good if accuracy is present. 

CAT 2013 Analysis 30th October Evening  Paper - Section 1

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation - 

2 Questions of Geometry and 2 Questions of Coordinate Geometry.

3 Questions of Functions.

5 Question from Arithmetic

2 Questions of Inequalities and 2 of Graphs

1 Question from Profit and loss

1 Questions of Time Speed Distance

1 Questions of Probability

1 Question of Logarithm

1 Questions of Quadratic Equation and 1 of Polynomial Equation of 4th Degree.

No Questions of P&C, Ratios, Proportion, Variation, Time and Work

9 Questions of Data Interpretation  came from Venn diagram  which was bit easy and one case let which were very calculation intensive and tough

CAT 2013 Analysis 30th October Evening  Paper - Section 2

Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

9 Questions of Reading Comprehension. All three passages was somewhat critical type and tough to solve.

9 Questions of Logical Reasoning. Comprised of 3 case lets one was easy to solve remaining two was tough

12 Questions of Verbal Ability. Para jumbles, last sentence of paragraph, para completion !!!

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