Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Still no respite for CAT 2013 takers as again the paper was on the tougher side. We can say the paper in this slot was relatively easier than other CAT slots but still difficult. Below is the break up of the questions from various topics seen in this slot.

CAT 2013 Analysis 30th October Morning  Paper - Section 1

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation - 

5-7 Questions of Geometry from  triangle, parallelogram, cube, rectangle, no question from circles.

3-4  Questions of Functions which were very tough.

2-3 Question from Number System - AP

1-3  Questions from P & C

1 Question from Profit and loss

1 Questions from Time Speed Distance

1 Question of Logarithm

No Question of probability, Ratios, Proportion, Variation, Time and Work, Averages

9 Questions of Data Interpretation were easy but calculative AND time consuming 

CAT 2013 Analysis 30th October Morning  Paper - Section 2

Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

9 Questions of Reading Comprehension. All three passages were easy but option was to close which is set to confuse you

9 Questions of Logical Reasoning. Comprised of 3 case lets all three were moderate

12  Questions of Verbal Ability -  FIB'S, Para jumbles, Last Sentence of Paragraph, Para Completion.

Cumulative attempts in the range of 35 questions out of 60 with 90 percent accuracy can give you percentile in excess of 98.

There is no need to worry even if your attempts are less than 35 out of 60, if you have maintained accuracy. Seeing the difficulty level of CAT this year it can be summed up that this year's percentiles in CAT will be decided by the accuracy of your attempts and not by their quantity. 

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  1. i have attempted 16 in Q and 17 in verbal . Max 1-2 incorrect in Quant and verbal 3-4. What can i expect


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