Wednesday, October 23, 2013


23rd October was a hell day for CAT 2013 aspirants who were scheduled to take their test on this day.

The paper that was encountered by aspirants in the Morning slot on 23rd October was very tough. The candidates were embezzled by the sheer toughness of the paper. One student of mine who used to score in the range of 95 percentile in TIME AIMCATS and in some AIMCATS his score was even in excess of 99 percentile, he was only able to attempt 16 questions in 1st Section of Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation and mere 16 attempts in Section 2 of Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. All students were quite depressed when they came out of the examination hall.

CAT 2013 Analysis 23rd October Morning Paper - Section 1

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation - 

4 Questions of Geometry and 2 Questions of Coordinate Geometry.

4 Questions of Functions.

2 Questions of Inequalities and 2 of Graphs

1 Questions of Time Speed Distance

1 Questions of Probability

1 Question of Logarithm

1 Questions of Quadratic Equation and 1 of Polynomial Equation of 4th Degree.

No Questions of Ratios, Percentages, Proportion, Variation, Time and Work

9 Questions of Data Interpretation which were very calculation intensive and tough

The questions were voluminous i.e. they were big and needed at least one to two minutes to only read and understand them.

So 16 attempts with not more than 1 or 2 wrong can fetch you percentiles in the range of 98+ in this section.

CAT 2013 Analysis 23rd October Morning Paper - Section 2

Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

9 Questions of Reading Comprehension. All three passages were from philosophical domain and tough to solve.

9 Questions of Logical Reasoning. Comprised of 3 case lets. All were very tough.

12 Questions of Verbal Ability. This section was the only respite for test takers of this slot. Only the verbal ability questions were of doable nature and given the toughness of the paper these questions were the must to be done.

19 attempts in this section with not more than 3 wrong can fetch you percentile in the range of 97 plus in this section. If all 19 are correct you can definitely score more than 99 percentile in this section.

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