Wednesday, October 09, 2013


With less than 10 days to go for Common Admission Test 2013 (CAT 2013), which means that it is a very important time for considering DO's and DON'T's

As a normal reaction students at this time are under intense pressure and loads of thoughts are always hovering and crossing into their mind,specially who are giving this test for the second or third time to grab the seats in their most liked top management institute.

If you are prepared well but still you are getting low percentile in mock test here are some tips for you to increase you percentile from the range 60-80 to 95-99 %

 Few coaching centers in order to improve their results make a relentless effort to make things easier for aspirants, so in this process some aspirants develop a feeling that joining coaching centers will be enough for steering them through the CAT which is quite a very suicidal technique to implement. Don't forget that coaching centers and faculties will always show us the door, but it is us who have to cross that door and always keep in mind that besides you 2,00,000 aspirants are also planning to cross that gate. So the competition is very tough and you have to be on your toes in order to get through.

Here I am listing some last minute tips that you can implement in order to fine tune your last minute preparation - 

1. Solve 20 Question per day : Pick 20 question per day from all chapters this will  help you to revise your concepts and increase the confidence level. Suppose you have picked five chapters starting from number system up-to time speed distance then there will be 100 questions. Allot yourself a time period of 3 hours and solve the questions,after solving just check the answers and do detailed analysis, it will help you a lot, but be sure that you have picked up different variety of questions, this will help you in sharpening your concepts.

2. Perform SWOT analysis: Analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Give some mock tests of a renowned coaching Institute

3. Analyse Pattern of CAT: It is always a good strategy to analyse the pattern and questions that have frequently occurred in previous years CAT questions. We all know that CAT is an unpredictable exam but we should keep our preparation intact and for that a proper review and analyses of previous years papers is very important.

4. Practice As Much As You Can :  Practicing more and more will increase your command on various short cut tricks and tips which will be very helpful to you while increasing speed and accuracy in the real CAT. Also by practicing more you will increase your confidence which in turn is also very helpful in improving your performance during the examination.

5. Study In A Circle: This strategy is common for almost all examinations. Whether it is CAT or UPSC, if you have made a study group of yours than it can be very beneficial in your studies. Studying in a group helps you to understand concepts mutually and also helps you clear your doubts more quickly. 


  1. sir i got 390 marks
    sc cat...interview post mil sakti hai kya ??

  2. sir i got 390 marks in sc
    interview call ho sakti h kya???


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