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As the Exam Fever has pulled in its feet from the month of October and is going to stay till February, for getting seats of different MBA colleges worldwide for the batch of 2014, there are some aspirants who feel that their current preparation is not up to the mark with respect to GMAT and they are giving a thought to give a serious shot to  GMAT and now have started enrolling in different coaching centers across the country. Definitely their minds would be full of confusion and introspection about what to do,how to do,what to prepare,how much to prepare and how much time is required for this mammoth preparation.

Here I have summed up a detailed plan for you in order to make your self prepared for the Quant Section of GMAT. This section of (QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE) is the biggest one syllabus wise and needs loads of preparation and hard work from your side in order to make yourself prepared for it.

Below I am listing a plan for you with respect to different topics of Quantitative Aptitude. You can also name this plan as the ACTION PLAN OF GMAT

1. Number System and Progression - Looking at Numbers, this topic is very important from GMAT perspective as a minimum of 3-4 questions always come from this topic and also this is the lengthiest topic of GMAT concepts wise. The question that can be designed on the concepts of Numbers topic are unlimited and they can also be of the toughest nature but in spite of that if you have a gold hold of this topic you can still solve the most difficult questions of this topic. Practice at least 1000 questions of this topic.

Progressions is a topic which you can say is of medium difficulty level. This topic revolves around 3 words that are Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression and Harmonic Progression. There are some short cuts that are involved in this topic and if you have a good understanding of them you can solve the questions of this topic swiftly and smoothly. But for doing that you have to give in a huge amount of effort in order to understand the concepts as the understanding phase is the toughest of all the phases. You need a practice of at least 500 to 700 questions of this topic. 

2. Average, Weighted Averages and Alligations - We all have seen averages in some or other forms before. Applying Averages in several groups is termed as Weighted Average and if we turn up the formula of Weighted Average we get the form of Alligations. They all have the same basic form and concepts, we just need to practice them a lot. For gaining a command over alligation you need to practice at least 400 questions of Alligations. 

3. Ratio Proportion - There are less chances of you facing questions solely from the concepts of this topic. You will normally find applications of this chapter's concepts in various questions, specially in association with concepts of percentages and also will help you considerably in questions of Data Interpretation.

4. Percentage - This topic can be said to be very important from the perspective of Data interpretation so clear approach and fast calculation will be needed if you really want to score in DI.

6. Time Speed Distance/Work This topic is based on only one formula but still it has a wide variety of question than any other topic in GMAT so you have not to work on the variety but on the underlying concept which is the base of this particular chapter.

7. Geometry  - This chapter solely relies on theorems. The more you know and have practiced those theorems the more you will feel comfortable in this chapter. You need to practice at least 1000 + questions of this chapter to get a command on it.

8.Co-ordinate geometry -  Guys who have studied seriously in 10+2 will find themselves a bit comfortable with this chapter but people who have not made themselves accustomed to this chapter in their 10+2 studies would find this chapter as a nightmare. If you are weak in this chapter you have to practice at least 500 + questions in this chapter.

9. Mensuration -   This topic is totally formula based. Practice at least 500 questions and memorize the formula thoroughly and properly.

10. Functions - Logarithms - Inequality - One of the most difficult chapter of Higher Mathematics but very important from the perspective of GMAT. So a good amount of practice is important for this chapter.

11. Quadratic Equations  -  Difficult to understand deeply but very important. Practice at least 350+ questions.

12. Permutation and combination/Probability  -  Considered as the toughest topic of GMAT, needs loads of practice and dedication. Students who are high in Intelligence Questionnaire find themselves very comfortable at this chapter but for others it is very difficult. But still with hard work and dedication we can have strong command on this chapter.

14. Set theory - This topic is very important for solving some Logical Reasoning Questions. We can also encounter direct questions in GMAT from this chapter, however the frequency of questions from this chapter have been low in previous years GMAT.

Cutting long story short ! here is a break up of GMAT Quantitative Aptitude syllabus - 

TopicNo. of Question 
1Number system and progression1000-1300
2 Average and Allegation400-500
3Ratio Proportion150-200
4Percentage 200-250
5Time Speed Distance/Work400-500
6Geometry 1000+
7Co-ordinate geometry500+
9Functions 300
11 Permutation and combination150
13Set theory 50

I hope it will help you a lot  for setting up of your Objectives, making targets and executing them.

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