Sunday, November 03, 2013

An Introduction to the Indian Constitution

The English Word "Constitution" is derived from the Latin Word "Constituere" which means to establish. 

CONSTITUTION in Hindi is known as "Samvidhan" which can be segregated as as Sam & Vidhan.

Sam means according to time.

Vidhan means Set of Rules

So collectively "Samvidhan" can be termed as "Relevant Set of Rules".

According to LORD BRYCE, that fundamental law which influences the sovereign is known as Constitution. In other words conduct of any nation state is determined and directed by a law known as Constitution. Hence it is also referred to as the "LAW OF THE LAND".

Note - SOVEREIGN means one who is the GOD of one self.

According to K.C. Wheare in the Constitution lies life of a nation which is also comprised of traditions and conventions of that country. 

Generally, Constitution can be classified in to the following categories - 

1. Written and Unwritten Constitution.

2. Federal and Unitary Constitution.

3. Evolved and Enacted Constitution.

The above three types of classification of the Constitution will be explained in my following article.

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