Monday, November 11, 2013

CAT 2013 Analysis - 11th November - Day 20

Today was the last day of CAT 2013 and now finally the testing window of CAT 2013 is over. This year the Online CAT has been a nightmare for many serious CAT aspirants. The CAT papers that were seen in the last three years online mode were easy and it was expected that this year also the papers would be easy so thousands have candidates have prepared themselves expecting the papers to be easy this year also in accordance with the previous years CAT but this year things took a steep U TURN. The papers were tough and in some slots they were very very tough. Even in Coaching Institutes teachers have streamlined their teaching methods expecting papers of CAT 2013 to be easy but exactly the opposite happened.

Today on the last day of CAT 2013 Paper was very difficult and contained some of the most difficult Logical Reasoning Case-lets of the whole CAT 2013 testing window.

Below is the detailed analysis of CAT 2013 -

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation -

4 Questions of Function & Graphs.

4 Questions of Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Mensuration.

4 Questions of Number System.

2 Questions of Quadratic Equations

2 Questions of Progressions

1 Questions of Probability

1 Question of Permutation and Combination.

2 Question on Inequalities

3 Data Interpretation of tough nature.

Games and Tournament Case-lets were seen in the paper.

Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability

3 Reading Comprehension Passages of tough nature. Tone questions were present. 

3 Logical Reasoning Case-lets were also present in the paper. None of them was easy. All were moderately tough. One Case-let of Binary Logic was present though it was not very difficult.

12 Questions of Verbal Ability.

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