Friday, November 08, 2013

CAT 2013 Analysis - Day 18 - 8th November

Today was 8th November and the third last day of CAT 2013. Papers encountered by aspirants across slots were as usual tough and tricky. Same as before CAT 2013 slots majority of questions were from higher mathematics topics in which students find themselves uncomfortable. Venn Diagrams Case-lets were seen by students in their Logical Reasoning Section. They were reported to be very tough.

Below is the detailed analysis -

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation -

5 Questions of Function & Graphs of which 2-3 were difficult.

One questions of  graph was present in which we have to know the equation of the graph and the equation was a 3rd degree equation involving modulus.

5 Questions of Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.

The Coordinate Geometry was very tricky and took a lot of time to solve by many students. Two questions of geometry were easy the rest were of high difficulty level.

2 Questions of Number System.

Number questions were tough and one question had none of these as the answer option which made it almost insolvable.

2 Questions of Quadratic Equations

One Questions was easy and the other was moderately difficult.

1 Questions of Progressions

1 Questions of Probability

Ironically the question of the toughest topic of CAT preparation was reported to be the easiest in the whole paper.

1 Question of Special Equations.

Voluminous in appearance though solvable. Many students would have left this questions by having one look at it going by its voluminous appearance though it was very much solvable.

2 Question on Inequalities

3 Data Interpretation of tough nature.

One very tricky Venn Diagram Case-let was present.

19 attempts out of 30 with all correct will fetch you more than 99 percentile

22 attempts out of 30 with not more than 2 wrong will definitely fetch in excess of 99 percentile.

Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability

3 Reading Comprehension Passages of tough nature. Tone questions were present. One passage was very tricky and one was easy. One was of moderate difficulty level.

3 Logical Reasoning Case-lets were also present in the paper. None of them was easy. All were moderately tough. One Case-let of Binary Logic was present though it was not very difficult.

12 Questions of Verbal Ability. (Was the only respite for test takers)

Questions of this Section were of moderate difficulty level and could be attempted with 85 per cent plus accuracy.

17 attempts out of 30 with not more than 2 wrong will definitely fetch in excess of 95 percentile.

25 attempts out of 30 with not more than 3 wrong will definitely fetch in excess of 99 percentile.

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  1. sir i have done total 23 question in both the section with 65% accuracy what should be the expected percentile....


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