Friday, November 01, 2013

Motivate Yourself Against Depression - Inspire Yourself

Many of us are worried about problems we face in our everyday lives be it economical, emotional, professional or any other. When it comes to problems which causes us depression we have one main reason for it -

# Emotional Depression. This is a sort of problem which can said to be one of the deadliest and dangerous problems and the problem is that currently many people are suffering through it.

Emotional Depression mainly occurs due to our relationship problems. The reasons can be any - 

1. It can be a break up of Boyfriend and Girlfriend or Husband and Wife.
2. It can be a fight between Children and Parents.
3. It can be due to severe fight between best friends.
4. It can occur if we cultivate a feeling within us that no body is with us and we are alone in this world.
5. It also occurs when our best pals start ignoring us 

and many more varied minute reasons are their all of which are quite impossible to quote here as the ambit of Emotional Depression is quite wide. It can happen anywhere.

But the most prominent reason of Emotional Depression is the first one i.e. Break up of Boyfriend and Girlfriend or Husband and Wife. When we are in a deep love relationship and suddenly due to some reasons it breaks down, it becomes catastrophic for some persons. The reason for the break up can be many but some times this break up makes a profound effect on our inner self and it makes us feel that everything has gone and nothing is left in our life. This feeling some times leads us to what we term as intensive depression stage. Unfortunately many persons at this stage start thinking about ending their life and some even take this extreme step which is not at all right.

Guys/Girls it is totally insensible on our part to think that one person is everything for us. Their are lots of persons in our life for whom we are important - they are our parents, our friends our relatives and for one person we can not forget the others who care for us. If any girl or guy has dumped you for whatever reasons you should be the first to throw him/her out of your life because as simple as this, they do not deserve you. It is no point hurting yourself for persons who do not even care for you. There are loads of persons in this world who will love you and will care for you, one single person does not has the power to decide our happiness and life.

Few days back one very moving story was published in an Indian News paper. An NRI couple visited to meet their mother at their childhood home. The boys mother used to live alone in that home. When she saw her son come back to her she was very happy. Her son and Daughter in Law said to her that their is no need for her now to stay alone in India and she should come with them abroad and sell all her belongings here in India. The old woman was very happy and readily agreed to go with her son and sold of her home. At the Airport the couple made the old woman sit at a seat and said to her that the flight was late by 4 hours and they are going to bring some food for her. The poor old woman was tired and she slept.

After some time when she woke up she found that no body has returned with the food and her Son and Daughter in Law had left her back their and taken away all the money that she got by selling her home and belongings in India. She sat their weeping continuously and uncontrollably. Today that Old Woman is living in an Old Age Home in India which is run by an NGO. There are many such depressing stories of old parents here in India. These people are bound to catch depression as they have been betrayed by their own children. Government of India is doing a lot about these old people but still it is almost impossible to heal her inner turmoil. We as ordinary persons should take up the cause of these old parents and contribute towards the society no matter in which country we are living. The world around us is full of problems and even small contribution by each of us can prepare a fundamental stage for a massive rehabilitation of these old persons and can help them remove their depression. By doing this may be it will make us happy and will indirectly help us to remove our depression. HELPING OTHERS WILL INDIRECTLY HELP US.....

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