Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pitt's India Act of 1784 - Audio Lecture

Pitt's India Act of 1784 was an attempt by the British Government to increase its direct control over the administrative and political affairs of East India Company. Through this Pitt's India Act of 1784 the direct control of East India Company over India was reduced. It was through this Act that for the first time the territories that were occupied by the East India Company were called as the British Possessions in India.

In this Audio Tutorial all important aspects of Pitt's India Act of 1784 such as formation of COURT OF DIRECTORS, demarcation of political and commercial functions of East India Company, administration of revenue, military and civil affairs has been told in detail.

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  1. What were the limitations of Pitt's Act?

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  3. the Pitts India act distinguished between commercial and political function of the company. The court of Directors entrusted with the responsibility to manage commercial affairs of the company. The board of control was entrusted with responsibility of political affairs.Thus the Pitts India act established the dual(double) government.The company territories in India were for the first time called British possession in India.


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