Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1946 Cabinet Mission to India - Audio Lecture

In this Audio Tutorial of 17 minutes I will tell you in detail about the 1946 Cabinet Mission to India. This particular audio tutorial would be helpful for you in order to acquaint yourself with the unstable political developments that unfolded during the period of 1946.
It was initiated and formulated by the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

It was also comprised of  -

Lord Pethick-Lawrence - the Secretary of State for India

Sir Stafford Cripps -  President of the Board of Trade

A. V. Alexander - the First Lord of the Admiralty.

The Viceroy of India Lord Wavell did not participated in this mission.

The purpose of the 1946 Cabinet Mission to India was - 

1. Hold preparatory discussions with elected representatives of British India and the Indian states in order to secure agreement as to the method of framing the constitution.

2. Set up a constitution body.

3. Set up an Executive Council with the support of the main Indian parties.

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