Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cripps Mission 1942 - Audio Lecture

This Audio Tutorial/Lecture is of a very short duration (8 minutes) in which I have told in detail about the Cripps Proposal of 1942. All provisions of the Cripps Mission have been told in detail in this Audio Lecture of Cripps Mission 1942.

The Cripps Proposal was basically a modified version of the August Offer of 1940 which was yet an attempt by the British Government in order to appease all political parties of India and gather there support for British Government's World War II stint.

The mission failed due to below three main reasons -

1. The document of Cripps Mission was missing provisions which would initiate real transfer of powers after the end of World War II.

2. Gandhi Ji was opposed to the immoral idea of involvement in a war and also was not sure of Britishers keeping their promise after the end of the War. So because of his opposition the Indian National Congress also rejected the proposal.

3. The then incumbent Viceroy and Secretary of State were themselves not in favor of the passage of the Cripps proposal and wanted it to fail.


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