Monday, December 30, 2013

IIFT 2013 GDPI Preparation

Hey friends first of all a BIG CONGRATS to all of you for clearing the written examination of IIFT 2013. Each one of you would now have made yourself immersed in the preparation of the Group Discussion and Personal Interview process of IIFT. So in order to help you get the maximum of your preparation in this article I have compiled some credible suggestions which if followed can help you in your preparation of GDPI of IIFT in a bit more smarter and easier manner.

Coming to the preparation of GDPI of IIFT, going by the experience of many candidates who have occurred in the GDPI selection process of IIFT, I would not suggest any one of you to study any particular book on Foreign Affairs special for PI preparation as the ambit of this topic Foreign Affairs is huge and wide and is almost impossible to cover in detail.

What I would suggest you all is to make yourself acquainted with the below terminologies in general - 

DTAA - Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement specially latest changes that have been introduced in this field in order to avoid tax evasion.

FII - Foreign Institutional Investors.

India's bilateral trade volumes with its major trading partners such as USA, CHINA, UAE etc.

Detailed meaning of terms like GDP(Gross Domestic Product), GNP(Gross National Product), NNP(Net National Product), difference between GDP (nominal) and GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) etc.

Reasons for the downfall in value of Rupee against Dollar, fall in growth rate of Indian Economy, widening Current Account Deficit (do remember to learn some general statistics of high import bills of petroleum products and gold items as this can be of immense importance when we look at the GD part), high inflation.

Recent Disinvestment in Public Sector Enterprises - Memorise the Stats as this a recent current phenomenon and can be asked.

You can have a look at this link. It can be of some help but do not study too much in detail as it can become cumbersome and futile after a point of time.

Referring a specific book on economy or foreign trade is indirectly going to increase your preparation woes as these simply can not be commanded in such a short time span.

Now above suggestions can cover the technical aspects of the Interview. It is also important to consider some general aspects. If we look at IIFT GDPI process 10 percent for Essay Writing, 10 percent for Group Discussion and 15 percent for Personal Interview. In 90 percent of the cases the first two parts that are Essay Writing & Group Discussion are general in nature and the last 15 percent very much depends upon your luck as the questions in PI can be put up from a wide variety of areas whose ambit also includes the topics of your Engineering and Graduation Streams. So be sure that you are well versed with the basics of your Engineering or Graduation branch.

Mostly chances are there that you can be asked about issues or topics that are currently in use and news. They can be anything from National Urban Health Mission launch to the recent artificial heart transplant of France but mostly the questions are of recent happenings in the field of politics. Such as the verdict given by the High Court and Supreme Court regarding Article 377.

Common questions in GDPI are procedure of selection of President and Vice-President, Governors, process of forming coalition Governments in the State Legislature and Centre (this we can classify as important as it is happening currently).

Do remember to memorise the names of some common article writers of the newspaper you read and scan in short there profiles.

and the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION chances of whose occurrence are more than 99 percent......WHY IIFT?? because it is a specific programme and a specific degree would be allotted so your answer should also be moulded accordingly. Only you can frame the answer of this question and while framing keep in mind all the permutations and combinations of questions that could arise as in many cases the answer of this very question decides your fate in Personal Interviews....


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