Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shimla Conference of 1945 - Audio Lecture

In this Audio Lecture of 7 minutes I will tell you about the Shimla Conference of 1945. This conference was a meeting between the then incumbent Viceroy of India Lord Archibald Wavell and all prominent political leaders of the pre-independence India. The meeting was related to the division of powers between the Indian National Congress and Muslim League

The talks were not fruitful as the issue was stalled on the matter of nomination of Muslim members to the Executive Council. The Muslim League claimed itself to be the sole representative of the Muslims of India and said that only they had the authority to nominate the Muslim members on the 6 seats reserved for them in the Executive Council.

This failure of the Shimla Conference further almost scuttled down all possibilities of an undivided independent India.

For knowing in brief what happened in this conference kindly hear the above Audio Tutorial. All facts and figures with respective dates have been told in this Audio Lecture.

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