Friday, February 14, 2014

Administration, Management & Organisation - Public Administration

If you are going to ask a question from someone generally about what is the Administration, Organisation and Management then it would normally be difficult for people to set clearly demarcated boundaries between the meaning of these three words. While we have to look the difference between these 3 terminologies from the perspective of a scholar of Public Administration.

Definition of Administration, Organization and Management - 

When many people come together and cooperate with each other thereby abiding to pre determined rules and regulation in order to complete a common goal then it is termed as administration.

The group of people who perform the tasks that are involved in order to carry on administration comprise Organization. Organization consists of all the employees from the top level to the bottom level. In other words, all officials of the hierarchy of any company are a part of that company/organization.

Those select group of individuals who leads, controls, guides, instructs and directs the Organization is collectively termed as Management. We can also define management as a process through which an organization is run to the best of its capability.

According to William Schulz " Administration is the force which lays down the the object for which an organization and its management are to strive and the broad policies under which they are to operate.  An Organization is a combination of the necessary human beings, materials, tools, equipment and working space, appurtenances brought together in systematic and effective co-relation to accomplish some desired object. Management is that which leads, guides and directs an Organization for the accomplishment of a pre-determined object".

Thus on the basis of above explanation it can be summed up that Administration as an area is very wide and covers in its ambit the scope of Organization and Management. We can also say that the ultimate reason for the presence of Organization and Management is Administration.

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