Friday, February 14, 2014

Difference between Administration and Management

The very basic difference between Administration, Management and Organization I have already elaborated upon in my previous article. Now in this article being a bit more specific I will point wise tell you what are the exact differences between Administration and Management. First of all it is important to understand the below phrase -

"Each and every domain of Administration has its own Management"

Administration Key Features - 

1. It is associated with the Government.

2. It can never be commercial.

3. It is non economic and non business in nature.

4. It lays down rules and regulations of an organization and decides in detail the broad principles of the Organization.

5. It exercises proper regulation, supervision and control.

6. It fixes structures and functions of the Organization.

7. It is Generalist in Nature.

8. Hierarchical authority and responsibility is present.

Management Key Features - 

1. It may be or may not be associated with the Government.

2. It can be commercial.

3. It is economic and business in nature.

4. This decides program implementation, performance and processing.

5. Stricter exercising of powers in order to enhance economic efficiency and effectiveness.

6. It fixes methodology and processing of the Organization.

7. It is based on Specialist approach as it is highly goal oriented.

8. Its bedrock principles are Creativity, Innovation and Dynamism.

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