Saturday, April 05, 2014

Classification of Real Numbers Continued - Video Lecture

This is the second video lecture of the topic Numbers in which the classification of numbers is carried on from the point where it was left in my first video tutorial.

Detailed Classification of Real Numbers in Decimals and Integers have been explained.

Further the classification of Integers in Positive Integers, Negative Integers, Non Positive Integers, Non Negative Integers has been explained with an example.

The classification of fractions has been partly covered in this video lecture and partly in the upcoming video lecture.


  1. thank you sir

  2. thank you sir

  3. sir your videos are very nice plz tell more concepts of percentages and tell more concepts sir

    1. Ganesh I have uploaded basics of percentages.....If you want to understand any specific concept or understand any specific type of questions please type those questions here....I would give me an idea about what exactly you want......

  4. Hey Harshit a trilion thank you for all the videos till now....I really appreciate your initiative.

  5. Sir please never remove these videos from your blog because it is really helpful for me and Thanks a lot sir for your efforts...thank you very much


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