Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Concept of Odd Days - Calendars Video Lecture Part 2

This the second video of the series of CALENDARS video lectures and will continue from the point where I left my last video lecture. It is important that you have a look at all the lectures of Calendars in continuity and proper order in order to have a firm understanding of this topic Calendars. In this video lecture I have explained to you the concept of odd days - How to arrange the total number of days in the intervening period in groups of 7 and then considering the remainder as the number of odd days and accounting for them in our calculation. All these processes and steps involved while solving the problems of Calendars have been included in this video lecture.

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  1. Hi Harshit,You are doing a good job .

    But what I feel you are over-explaining the basic things.


  2. Himanshu I know my teaching style seems over explaining to a lot of students......But the point is going by my teaching experience of last 2 years maximum students need to be told things from the very basics otherwise they will not understand the content.....You would be knowing the things that I told in this lecture so you are finding them a bit boring but I have prepared these videos keeping that whoever is watching does not know anything.......I Hope You Understood My Point.....

  3. thank you sir....for explaining basic things too..thanks a lot

  4. how you know that the 2005 is a normal year??

  5. how you know that the 2005 is a normal year??


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