Sunday, April 06, 2014

Least Common Multiple - Concept and method of finding - Video Lecture

This video lecture will introduce you with the topic of Least Common Multiple. In this lecture I will explain in detail all the three types of methods that we use while determining the LCM. These methods are -

1. Least Common Multiple BY MULTIPLICATION
2. Least Common Multiple BY FACTORISATION
3. Least Common Multiple BY DIVISION

I have told in brief these methods and have also interrelated these particular methods with each other. It is important for you guys to understand these methods in detail as different sets of questions need to be solved by the method that is more convenient in accordance with the form provided in that particular question.

If we look at this topic of Least Common Multiple from the perspective of competitive examinations it is important to look at all the three forms of questions related to remainders which we normally see in questions of LCM. These are -

a. Least Common Multiple Type 1 Questions
b. Least Common Multiple Type 2 Questions
c. Least Common Multiple Type 3 Questions

A small part of Least Common Multiple Type 1 Questions I have covered in this video lecture and the rest in my subsequent video lecture. The rest two of the types would be covered in my later videos.


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