Monday, April 14, 2014

Least Common Multiple Type 2 Concept - Video Lecture

Hello friends in this video lecture I have told you in detail the concept of Least Common Multiple Type 2. In previous video lectures I explained you the concept of Least Common Multiple Type 1. The fundamental difference between Least Common Multiple Type 1 concept and Least Common Multiple Type 2 concept is that the divisors are different in both of them but the remainder is same in the first case but it is not the same in the second case.

The generalisation of Least Common Multiple Type 2 is as follows -

What would be the form of a number N which when divided by a,b,c will leave a remainder of p,q,r respectively ?

So the generalisation would be of this form -

{ LCM (a,b,c) }k  +  Remainder

where k is a constant. The function of this k is to calculate the value of this expression according to the condition provided in the question. Basically in order to find out the least possible number of the form N, we will simply substitute k with 1 and for higher values we will proceed accordingly.


  1. good lecture

  2. when dividend is shown as 48 so we have done 7 X 7 and we got remainder -1
    but if we assume dividend to be 50 we will have the remainder as +1

    so why are we subtracting.
    please answer i am not able to understand the concept

    thank you sir

  3. thank you sir ....please upload more videos on reasoning...


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