Sunday, April 06, 2014

Prime Numbers - Properties and how to find whether a number is prime - Video Lecture

In this video I have covered all basic concepts of Prime Numbers. We all know that prime numbers are all those natural numbers that are divisible by 1 and itself and no other number.

Some properties of Prime Numbers are -

1. The smallest and the only even prime number is 2.
2. All prime numbers greater than equal to 5 are of the form 6n+1 or 6n-1. All such prime numbers that are greater than or equal to 5 leave a remainder of either 1 or 5 when divided by 6. This remainder of 5 can also be expressed in the form of 6n-1.

Also how to calculate whether a number is a prime or not is also told in this video lecture and the basic reasoning and concept why that particular method of determining whether a number is prime or not is used is partly explained in the above video tutorial and partly in the next video tutorial.

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  1. Thanks so much sir for uploading these videos, as I m working it's difficult for me to join coaching institute but it helps us a lot to recall all basic concepts.
    Request you to please upload videos for english if possible.

  2. Great job ...please upload more videos .


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