Sunday, April 06, 2014

Rationalisation of Pure Recurring Non Terminating Decimals - Video Lecture

This video lecture will detail you the procedure of rationalising pure recurring non terminating decimals. Pure Recurring Non Terminating Decimals are those decimals whose decimal part starts repeating itself immediately in a particular fashion thereby giving us the scope for cancelling out the decimal part by forming equations in which left hand side of both the equations are different and the decimal part of right hand side of both the equations is same thereby cancelling the decimal part when the difference of the two respective equations is calculated. This particular method forms the base for the rationalisation of Pure and Impure recurring non terminating decimals.

In this video I have told you both the traditional method of rationalisation (that method that we have been using when we started learning rationalisation somewhere around 6th or 7th standard)) and also the short-cut method in which you do not need to form equations in order to calculate the rationalised value of the decimal.

If you any doubts regarding the concepts of this video you can post them in the comments section below. Feel free to leave your feed back here as I will be more than happy to hear your views.

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