Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Combined Divisibility Rule of 7,11,13 and 1001 - Video Lecture

Dear friends In this video lecture I will discuss the combined divisibility rule of 7,11 and 13. Now by saying the combined divisibility rule of 7,11 and 13 & 7,11 and 13 are co-prime with each other so it is equivalent to the divisibility rule of 1001 which is the product of these three co-primes 7,11 and 13. The proving of these divisibility rules method is being showed in this video lecture.

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  1. amazing.....u r just genius.
    i have gone through these lectures till now and what ever quarry comes in my mind, the same is taken just then.
    THANK YOU from the core of my heart.....ur lectures made me feel like school days, when we enjoy the math problems.

  2. Thank you for your good words Ashish..

  3. sir how to download this video

  4. sir how to download these videos

  5. Thanku sir nice concise explanation

  6. Sir Can you please help with this problem
    Let say I have taken a number 713256
    Now I'm checking its remainder when divided by 11
    As you said in order to check its remainder do the following that is
    (-713 + 256 )/ 11 = -457/11 , Now on dividing it I get remainder as 6
    But when I divide the number i.e 713256 I get remainder as 5
    Why so ? Kindly help me out

    1. on dividing -457/11 you get -6 as rem which when added to 11 gives u a positive remainder 5

    2. While u r checking ur remainder, u must hav got -6. Which means (11-6) = 5 is ur real remainder (because we cannot take remainder in negative sign).


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