Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Divisibility Rule of 5 & 6 - Video Lecture

In this video lecture I have discussed the divisibility rule of 5 and 6. The method of understanding the divisibility of 5 and 6 is on the same lines as we have understood the divisibility rule of 2 and 3. However for your understanding I have again explained this concept in total detail so that the background functioning of numbers and their properties are easily understandable to you.

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  1. the way you use simple technique to explain the concept is simple awesome pls keep posting such videos

  2. thank you sir...we feel lucky for having you as a mentor.

  3. So I just tried getting remainder of 858697834 with 3 and it comes 1 and by 6, it comes 4 and for 2 it is 0(obviously). In this case the remainder using divisibility, how will we take out?


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