Saturday, July 05, 2014

Geometry Practice Questions for SSC & CAT - 4 July

1. The diagonal of a Rhombus are 9 cm and 14 cm. What is its area ?

2. If the area of a triangle is 1176 square cm. and Base : Corresponding Altitude is 3 : 4. Then the altitude of the triangle is -

3. If a square is inscribed in a circle whose area is 314 square cm. then the length of each side of square is -

4. The perimeter of the top of a rectangular table is 28 meter. Where as its area is 48 square meter. What is the length of its Diagonal ?

5. If the radius of a circle increases by 8 % then by how many does the area of circle increase ?

6. If the radius of a circle is doubled then by how much does the area of the circle increase ?

7. If the volume of two cubes are in the ratio 27 : 64 then the ratio of the total surface area is -

8. The difference between the diameter and circumference of a circle is 30 cm. The radius of the circle is - 

9. Find the length of the chord that is at a distance of 12 cm from the centre of a circle of radius 13 cm.

10. How many diagonals are there in an Octagon ?

Solution - For a polygon of n sides number of diagonals in it are  n(n - 3)/2

So the number of diagonals in an Octagon are 8 x 5 / 2 = 20

The answer link of above questions is provided below.

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