Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Medieval History Part 1 Audio - Harsha's Rule and Conquest

General Overview - 

In this Audio I have explained the rule of Harshavardhan, the last great Hindu King of North India. He ruled from 606 AD to 648 AD. All the events which enrolled at that time leading to the coronation of Harshavardhan have been explained in this Audio. The killing of Harshavardhan's brother Rajyavardhana and his sister's husband Maukhari King Graharvarman of Kannauj has been explained. The abduction and release of Harshavadhana's sister Rajyashree has been explained. Harshavardhana was the younger son of his father Parabhakarvardhana. Parabhakarvardhana had two sons - Rajyavardhana & Harshavadhana.

Administration during the rule of Harshavadhana - 

The administration in the rule of Harshavardhana has been explained. The political set up and administrative hierarchy has been explained.  

Religious Patronage under Harshavardhana -

The tolerance of Harshavardana for all the religious sects have been explained in detail. His tolerance for Hinduism, Buddhism and Sun Worship has been explained in this Audio Lecture. 
Literature under Harshavardhana - 

Harshavardhana himself being a great patron of literature wrote three Sanskrit plays. The greatest ornament in Harshavardhana literary circle was Banabhatta who wrote Harshacharita, the biography of his great ruler.

Conquest under Harshavardhana - 

Harshavardhana had a great carrier of conquests. He extended the fame and boundaries of Vardhana dynasty in all directions. A large area was under his control when he in power in 644 AD. His great career of conquest was marred by one exception when he was defeated by great Chalukya King Pulkesin II when they both fought a fierce battle at the banks of the river Narmada.This compelled Harshavardhana to recognise Narmada river as the Southern frontier of his empire.


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