Thursday, July 03, 2014

Percentages Question Solving for SSC & BANK PO - 2 July 2014

In this video solution of the below questions have been told with appropriate short-cuts. These questions are particularly important for SSC CGL and BANK PO Exams. If doubts post them in the comment section below.

Ques 1- If the price of petrol increases by 25%, by how much must a user cut down on his petrol consumption so that his expenditure on petrol remains unchanged?

Ques 2- If the cost price of 20 articles is equal to the selling price of 16 articles, what is the percentage profit or loss made by the merchant?

Ques 3- John weighs twice as much as Maria. Marcia's weight is 60% of Bob's weight. Dave weighs 50% of Lee's weight. Lee weighs 190% of John's weight. Which of these 5 persons weighs the least?

Ques 4- Peter got 30% of the maximum marks in an examination and failed by 10 marks. However, Paul who took the same examination got 40% of the total marks and got 15 marks more than the passing marks. What was the passing marks in the examination?

Ques 5- A vendor sells 60 percent of apples he had and throws away 15 percent of the remainder. Next day he sells 50 percent of the remainder and throws away the rest. What percent of his apples does the vendor throw? 

Ques 6- If the price of petrol increases by 25% and Raj intends to spend only an additional 15% on petrol, by how much % will he reduce the quantity of petrol purchased?


  1. i appreciate for proving much info to us thanku for that.but try to adjust ur blackboard screen correctly to camera becoz we cant cleariy view the screen that means letters

  2. Manikeswaram......Brother I would definitely do that from next time...Thanks for your concern......

  3. Sir iam a beginner in learning apptitude and iam unable to understand the concepts clearly please tell me any solution sir


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