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Facts about Major and Important Rivers of North America Continent

1. River Mackenzie - It is the largest river of Canada and after Mississippi, it is the second largest river of North America. Its source is River Athabasca originating from glacial region of the Rocky Mountain which after flowing through Athabasca Lake meets Great Slave Lake. Before falling into the Arctic Ocean, it forms a large delta at its mouth.

2. River St. Lawrence - It originates from the western bank of Superior Lake with the name of ‘Saint Louis’ and with various names traverses different lakes. World famous Niagara Falls is situated on it. From internal waterway transport, it is a world famous river. It is a major transport corridor of N. America. By passing Niagara Falls, the Welland Canal overcomes the 100 metre difference levels by means of a staircase of seven locks. Throughout the year the water flow is continuous and normal in this river and there is no danger of floods. Large amount of hydro electric power is produced from Niagara Falls. ‘Iroquois Dam’ is constructed on this river.

3. River Yukon - It flows along the Coast Range of Alaska and the plateau region located in the Rocky Mountain before draining into Bering Sea. This river forms the largest delta of North America. In winter season, it remain frozen. The original settlers of North America (Red Indian) followed the route to Yukon River to enter the Great Plain of U.S.A.

4. River Skeena - It flows in British Columbia State of Canada and drains into Pacific Ocean. It size is comparatively smaller. Gold deposits are found in its valley.
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5. River Fraser - It is the most important river of the British Columbia state of Canada which after originating from Rocky Mountain flows in north-western direction near Prince Gorge. Important city ‘Vancouver’ is located at its mouth.

6. River Columbia - Its some part lies in Canada while the remaining in U.S.A. After originating from the western slope of the Rockies, it falls into the Pacific Ocean. River Snake is its major tributary. Big dams, like-Grand Coulee, Bounville and Chief Joseph are constructed on this river. The city of Portland is located on its left bank. Its length is about 800km.

7. River Colorado - Originating from dry region near Mount Albert, it is the only river passing through the desert of North America. It has produced the largest Canyon (Grand Canyon) in the world. On this river many big dams, like- Hoover, Boulder, Parker, Davis etc. are constructed. ‘lmperial Valley’ of Colorado River is famous for the production of Cotton. Gila and Green are its major tributaries.

8. River Mississippi - Draining into the Gulf of Mexico, it is the most important river of U.S.A. It forms ‘Birds Foot delta’ at its mouth. ‘St. Louis’ city is located on the confluence of Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It is the largest river basin in the world which spreads in 25 states of U.S.A. Red, Platte, Arkansas, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky etc. are its major tributaries. New Orleans, St. Lauis, Memphis cities are located along its bank. ‘Fort Pack Dam’ is located on Missouri and Kikyuk Dam is located on Mississippi River.

9. River Rio Grande - It originates from south of Mt. Albert in Rocky Mountain and flows south-east direction. After making international boundary between U.S.A. and Mexico, it falls into Gulf of Mexico. This river is famous for changing its course and create many territorial and administrative problem for both the country (U.S.A. & Mexico).

10. River Sacramento - It originates from Cascade and Sierra Nevada Ranges of U.S.A. and falls into the Pacific Ocean. It flows from Central Valley and important dams, like – ‘Kevik’ are made on it.

11. River San Joquine - It originates from Cascade and Sierra Nevada Ranges of U.S.A. and falls into the Pacific Ocean. Famous dam, like Fiant Dam, is constructed on it.

12. River Delaware - It originates from Appalachians and falls into Atlantic Ocean. It flows in U.S.A. Along its banks, Philadelphia city is located. It is important for hydel power production.

13.  River Hudson - Originates from Adirondack Mountains and draining into North Atlantic Ocean, it is an important river of U.S.A. New York city is located on its banks. A port is also located at its mouth. It brings huge amount of sediments along with itself. It is navigable only in its lower reaches. Small streamers and yacht of tourist can be seen in the river through out the year.

14. River Tennessee - River of U.S.A. which is tributary of River Mississippi and originates from the south-western slope of the Appalachian Mountains. It has been used on large scale for multi-purpose projects. There are many dams built on this river to control flood and for production of hydel power. 

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