Thursday, September 11, 2014

How many marks required for Inspector Posts in SSC CGL Exam

Dear friends the day from which I have been working on this blog I have received hundreds of comments and requests asking about the estimated cut offs and the amount of marks one needs to score to get Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Auditor etc. in SSC CGL 2013 or SSC CGL 2014. Some queries are very much more specific such as -

"Sir I am getting around 325 OBC is there any chance of getting TA in maharashtra. Plz Rply.. and kindly tell me about its typing test..."

"sir iam surendra.iam going to attend cgl 2014 .i want to become a inspector in cbi or achieve that how many marks should i get?in tier1 and tier2 my caste is please tell me.please"

These are the comments that I have received in my blog and there are numerous more like them. Most of the comments are asking about the estimated cut offs of posts like Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Preventive Officer and Central Secretariat Services. May be the comments that I receive on my blog may seem at first stance to be slightly despo but I can understand the pain and anxiety that the students face after giving their exams. Cut offs discussion of SSC CGL Exam has been a major unofficial part of the whole process of conducting exams. Aspirants/Candidates after giving Tier 1 and Tier 2 flock various websites in order to get an idea of how have they performed in their respective turn.

So friends this page is a small initiative from my side in order to help you reduce your anxiety. You guys can tell me your scores of SSC CGL Exam and I would help you in making a practical guess. If you want to know what would be the respective cut offs of various posts in SSC CGL Examination you need to tell me which post you are asking about and if your query is regarding the SSC CGL Exam 2014 then you need to tell me that in your opinion what would be the difficulty level of SSC CGL 2014 because still the paper has not been conducted and we can only guess general cut off or post specific cut off only when we set in mind a particular difficulty level of the paper.

Now Coming on to SSC CGL 2013 RE-EXAMINATION -

For knowing that if you can manage Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Examiner or any other post in SSC CGL 2013 RE-EXAMINATION tell me your Tier 1 scores in the comment section and also your opinion about the difficulty level of upcoming SSC CGL TIER 2 paper and I will try to give you an optimistic guess regarding the score required.


  1. I did 136 questions then my glasses broke blinding me completely 40 minutes still remaining only 13 in maths belong to sc

  2. accuracy matters....your attempts are good.......have you checked your score from the available answer keys.....

  3. Sir a score of 480 to 500/700 will land me in what posts probably..kindly provide your valuable assumptions in this regard.

  4. In ssc cgl 2014 anything above 485 in general category will get you CSS and Excise Inspector.....any other post will depend on your luck.......All the Best......


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