Saturday, September 27, 2014

Important Facts about major rivers of Europe Continent

1. River Rhine - It is the most important river of Europe which originates from Alps Mountains and falls into North Sea. It flows in a Rift Valley. It forms boundary between France and Germany. Many big cities, like-Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Rotterdam etc. are located along its shores. It is the busiest waterway of Europe and transports huge amount of Coal between the industrial regions of Germany. Therefore, it is also known as ‘Coal River’.

2. River Danube - It originates from Black Forest of Germany and drains into Black Sea. It flows in Central Europe through the northern parts of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It is the only river in the world which passes through eight countries. It is the second longest river of Europe. Vienna, Budapest, Serbia etc. are located along its banks.
3. River Po - Famous by the name ‘Ganga of Italy’, it is Italy’s longest river. The Po Valley in northern Italy made by River Po and its tributaries are extremely fertile. Along its banks, Italy’s ancient city, Venice, is located. 

4. River Rhone - It originates from Lake Geneva of Switzerland and falls into Mediterranean Sea. Soane is its tributary which meets it near Lyon in France. In winters, a local cold wind called ‘Mistrel’ flows in its valley. Its valley is famous for Mulberry plantations.

5. River Duoro - It originates from Spain’s Central Mesata and after flowing through Portugal falls into Atlantic Ocean. Duoro Valley in western Portugal is famous for wine production. Portugal’s Oporto city is located along its banks. Its valley is famous for Mulberry and Grapes plantation. 

6. River Weser - It is major river flowing in Germany. It drains into North Sea. Famous German city Bremen is located at its mouth. 

7. River Elbe - It is a major river flowing in Germany. It drains into North Sea. Dresden and Mugdeberg are located along its banks and Hamburg is located at its mouth. 

8. River Vistula - It is major river flowing in Poland which drains into Baltic Sea. Warsaw city is located on its coast. 

9. River Oder - It flows along the boundary of Germany and Poland and falls into Baltic Sea. Statin city is located on it.

10. River Seine - Rising from Massif in France, it is the most important river of the country. Huge amount of Wheat and Grapes are cultivated in its valley. Famous cities, like-Paris, Rouen and Le Havre are located along its banks. 

11. River Volga - Originates from the highland of north-west Russia. It is the longest river of Europe (3531 km), it passes its water into the Caspian Sea. It has been linked to the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea to form a major network of trade routes. 


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