Saturday, September 27, 2014

Important Facts Regarding Major Rivers of South America

1. River Amazon - It originates from Andes Mountain in Peru and after flowing through Brazil falls into Atlantic Ocean. It is the world’s largest and second longest (6570 km) river. Amazon River basin is covered by Tropical evergreen forests whose local name is ‘Selvas’. For the first time Rubber was discovered in this river basin. About 2600 types of fishes are found in this river basin. Manaus and Belem are important ports located on it. ‘Madiera’ is the largest tributary of Amazon. ‘Marajo’ is its river island. It drains about 40% of the total area of the continent of South America. 

2. River Orinoco - Originating from Guyana highlands, it drains into Atlantic Ocean. It is the major river of Venezuela. It forms a large delta at its mouth. This river basin is famous for savannah type of ‘Llanos Vegetation’. World’s highest ‘Angel Waterfall’ is located on its tributary ‘Caroni’.
3. River Magdalena - Originating from Andes, it drains into Caribbean Sea near Barranquilla city in Columbia. It flows in a Rift Valley between two mountain ranges of Andes i.e. Cordillera Oriental and Cordillera Occidental. The Caribbean lowlands of this river basin are important for oil reserves. 

4. River Parana - Originating from Brazilian highlands and falling into Rio de la Plata, it is an important river of South America. It makes natural boundary between Paraguay and Brazil and flow through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. World’s one of the largest waterfall, lguacu,  is located on this river. The Intaipu Dam constructed on River Parana is the largest dam of South America. 

5. River Uruguay - Originating from Brazilian Highlands, it falls into ‘La Plata’. It makes an estuary at its mouth. It forms the natural boundary between Argentina and Uruguay.

6. River Sao Francisco - Originating from Brazilian highlands, it drains into South Atlantic Ocean. It is nearly 2900 km long. It is famous for hydel power production. It is also known as ‘River of National Unity’ in Brazil. Its basin has the plantation agriculture of Coffee and Sugarcane. 

7. River Madeira - Originates from the border of Bolivia (Andes Mountain), it is largest tributary of Amazon River passing northward, its middle and lower courses are covered by the dense equatorial evergreen forests. Its basin sparsely populated and less developed economically. 

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