Monday, October 27, 2014

19th Oct Newspaper Notes - Frogs Toads Under Threat, Diesel Price Deregulation, Jammu and Kashmir Aarogya Gram Yojana, Sukinda Valley Odisha pollution issue, Mass Orbital Mission

1. The diesel prices have been deregulated by the Government -

Gas prices have also been changed- Till now the price of petrol depended on the market forces but in the latest development the prices of diesel has also been deregulated. This means that prices of diesel and petrol both will be on the basis of market and there would be no intervention of Government in it. 

Diesel would now be cheaper by Rs. 3.37 per liter with effect from Saturday mid night.

The price of gas has been fixed at $5.61 per mmbtu (million metric British thermal units ) There are some reforms that are taken by the Cabinet in order to make LPG Subsidy more accessible by the people. CNG would be hiked by 46%.

2. Indian firms are moving towards low carbon economy according to a report by CSP, an international non-profit organization. The report is titled as “The India 200 climate change Report”. 

3. Out of 340 species of frogs and toads that are found in India 78 species are under threat. The break up of these 78 species is something like this- 

(1) Critically endangered are 17.
(2) Endangered are 32.
(3) Near threatened species are 7.
(4) Vulnerable are 22.

Note - Frogs and toads are highly sensitive to changes in climate and their habitats. They are also known by the term bio indicators. So their being a bio indicator provides us an idea whether a habitat is in a healthy state or is under threat.  

4 Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of state for environment has proposed setting up a new National Air Quality Index AQI which would consider eight pollutants which are- PMC (particular matter)10, PM 2.5, Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Ozone and Ammonia. For all of these National Ambient Air Quality Standards are prescribed. 

5. Jammu and Kashmir Aarogya Gram Yojana-

Rs 25 crore assistance would be given by Centre for the production of plants which are useful in the production of medicines and perfumes. This project will be implemented by CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) in collaboration with IIIM (Indian Institute of Integrative Medicines) which is located in Jammu.

9 products would be promoted under Aarogya Gram Yojana- 

(a) Rose (b) Mint (c) Ashwagandha with Aniasomnifera (d) Phalsa fruit plant (e) Five varieties of lemon grass.

6. Sukinda Valley Odisha pollution issue- 

An international NGO has termed Sukinda Valley as one of the global pollution hotspot. Sukinda valley in Odisha holds over 90% of the total chromite reserves of India. Due to chromite mining in Sukinda valley the concentrations of hexavalent chromium also knowns as chromium VI has increased and polluted Bramhni river. This fact was being told after a study conducted by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) CPCB also stated that the Damsala river before entering the mining zone does not contain Chromium VI but as it moves forward the concentration of hexavalent chromium increases thereby proving the role of chromite mining in increasing water pollution in the valley. Brahmani is the second largest river system of Orissa. Presence of chromium VI in the river increase the health risk particularly the carcinogenic risk for the people living in the Sukinda valley particularly those people who are engaged in the work of mining. Orissa High Court directed CPCB to undertake the study after it was not satisfied with the report presented to it by Orissa state Pollution Control Board. 

7. Sachin Tendulkar have selected village Puttam raju Kandrika to be developed as a smart village at a cost of Rs 4 crore from the cricketer's MPCADS fund. 

8. Mass Orbital Mission will analyse the visit of Comet Sliding spring (C/2013AI). 

It will keep analysing the comet from 10 pm on Sunday to 4:00 am on Monday. MOM will cover the comet before and after the encounter. MOM will try to analyse the composition of gases in the tail of the comet and will also take pictures of it. With MOM would be present other fellow orbiters – NASA’s MAVEN, Mass Reconnaissance and Mass Odyssey, European Space Agency’s Mass Express, NASA Rovers Opportunity and Curiosity 

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