Monday, October 27, 2014

20th Oct Newspaper Notes - IGNOU TV Radio Channels, Delhi Metro Extension, Bio Fortification, UNICEF Report and Important Facts for Civil Services

1. BJP got clear majority in Haryana Assembly Election and majority in Maharashtra Assembly election. 

Maharashtra Result- BJP (122), Shiv Sena (63), Congress (42), NCP (41), Other and Independents (20)

Total Assembly seats in Maharashtra are 288.

Haryana Result- BJP (47), INLD (19), Congress (15), HJC (BL) (2), Other and Independents (7)

Total Assembly seats in Haryana- 90

BJP has still not declared the CM nominee of both states

2. IGNOU has started web based television and radio channels in order to make education more interactive and easy. This initiative of IGNOU would help not only the students of the University but also other students who have in them a deep longing of knowledge. This initiative of IGNOU would also be in accord with the initiative of our PM – “Digital India”. The radio and video classes are available at (www. Ignouonline. ac. in/broadcast). 

3. Delhi Metro is planning to add 6 more corridors in its 4th phase. 

It is being estimated that after the completion of Phase IV of Delhi Metro the full metro network of the capital city will cover around 400km or even more than that. At present the network of Delhi Metro is around 190km. Currently the Delhi Metro phase III is constructing an additional network of 140 km in the capital city. The Delhi Metro Phase IV will add a network of around 104 km. The 6 corridors are as follows –

(a) Rithala to Narela Delhi Metro line – 21.73km
(b) Janakpuri West to RK Asharam Metro Line – 28.92 km.
(c) Mukundpur to Maujpur Metro Line – 12. 54 km
(d) Inderlok to Indraprastha Metro Line – 12.58 km.
(e) Aero city to Tughlakabad – Metro Line – 20.58km
(f) Lajpat Nagar to Saket G Block Metro Line – 7.96 km

Some statistics -

1. According to UNICEF, in the year 2011, there were around 102 million children under five years of age around the World who were under weight. Out of these 102 million 55 million are in India.

2. According to UNICEF, in the year 2011, there were around 166 million stunted children all over the World and out of them 62 million are in India. 

3. Factors determining Malnutrition are – 

(a) Health
(b) Agriculture
(c) Women empowerment including maternal and child care practices.
(d) Social protection programmes
(e) Sanitation
(f) Pure Drinking water
(g) Child care
(h) Economic growth
(i) Education regarding nutritional practices.
(j) Community development programmes.

4. Gender equality and Women’s empowerment will effectively reduce the problem of malnutrition and underweight among children because when mothers are self sufficient they in turn would take better care of their child. 

5. 2014 is the International year of Family farming.

The objective of IYFF is to focus world attention towards family farming and share holder farming in order to recognize their importance is providing nutrition and food security, remove hunger and poverty, improve the livelihoods of poor, protection of the environment, follow the path of sustainable development especially in the rural areas.

6. What is Bio fortification? 

It is the idea of increasing the nutritional value of plant food when the plants are growing.

7. What is the difference between Bio fortification and ordinary fortification? 

In Bio fortification, nutritional value of the plants is improved when they are growing while in ordinary fortification nutrients are added while the food is being processed. Bio fortification is very important for the populace living in village as they do not have access to food products that are commercially produced.

8. Proportion of Under weight children state Wise – 

Madhya Pradesh (60.3%), Jharkhand (59.2%), Bihar (59%), Chhattisgarh (52%), U.P. (47.3%)

9. Less Nutrition leads to improper growth of an individual be it physical or mental which ultimately leads to low productivity by the individual which leads to GDP loss. Estimates suggest that 2% to 3% loss of GDP is due to lower productivity of manpower.

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