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Capitals of Asian Countries and their significance

1. Beijing - Located in north-east part of China, it is China’s capital. It is ancient historical, cultural and industrial centre. It is famous for ship-building and cloth industry. A part from this, it is also a centre for car manufacturing, chemical industry and electronic goods. It is also a centre for financial facilities. In 2008, Olympics were held here. A typical representative of the Chinese culture, it was protected from the Mongol invaders by the construction of the Great Wall of China. 

2. Jakarta - Located on Java Island, it is capital of Indonesia. It is considered as the country’s major commercial and political centre. It is also called ‘Kolkata of south-east Asia’. It is the largest port of Indonesia. Here the major industries are cotton cloth, oil, rubber, steel industry and food processing. 

3. Manila - Located on Luzon Island, it is the capital and largest city of Philippines. Headquarters of many international organizations and research institutions are located here, like – ‘International Rice Research institute’ and ‘Asian Development Bank’. Magsaysay Awards are presented from here.

4. Ankara - Located on Plateau of Anatolia, it is the capital and second most important city of Turkey. It is a major commercial and industrial city of Turkey. Here car manufacturing, chemical industry, food processing industries are quite developed. An international airport is also located here. 
5. Baghdad - Located on the bank of River. Tigris, it is capital of Iraq and ancient cultural and commercial city. During the period of Caliph Harun-Al-Rashid (809AD), it was great centre of learning. He established the Academy of Science (Bait-ul-Hikama). It is a major industrial centre of the country where chemical, cement, food processing and tobacco industries are important. It is also the major centre of Islamic education. 

6. Riyadh - It is the capital of Saudi Arabia and an important industrial city. It is situated in the oasis of central province (Naya) It is the major cultural and educational city of the country. It is rising facility as a centre of modern education. Here, first women university of the region has been opened. Here date-palm industry has been developed much. 

7. Tehran - Located on the southern slope of the Elbruz Mountain, it is the capital of Iran, the largest city of the country and an ancient historical city. The handicraft industry of Tehran is famous throughout the world, for example – Carpet. Here, nearly more than half of the products are dominated by cigarettes, shoes and cotton cloth industry. 

8. Hanoi - Located on the bank of Red River, it is the capital and second largest city of Vietnam and a major commercial and industrial centre. It was the capital of French Indo-China from 1887 to 1976. It is considered as a major centre for engineering, food processing and light industry.

9. Kualalumpur - Located on Malay Peninsula on the confluence of Gambak and Kolang Rivers, it is the capital of Malaysia. ‘Petronas Tower’ located here is world famous. It is a commercial and industrial city. It is the centre of all main roads, railways and big port. 

10. Damascus - Located on the border of desert region, it is the capital of Syria. It is one among the world’s ancient cities (2000 B.C.) and had been centre of Islamic culture. It is known for craft works and light industries. 

11. Sana’s - It is the capital and an ancient city of Yemen. It is the cultural and commercial centre of the country. Here Coffee is produced. Here the ‘Dar-ul-Lahzan Palace’ is famous, which is situated on a huge volcano ‘Dot’. 

12. Muscat - Located along the coast of Arabian Sea, it is the capital of Oman. It is the major port city of the country. From here, mineral oil and natural gas are exported. A large number of people of Indian origin are live here. 

13. Amman - Situated on the Zarqa River, it is the capital of Jordan and a major industrial centre. It is considered as the centre of Jordan’s transport system. Here cement, cloth, food processing and tobacco processing industry have been developed much. It is a million city noted with coloured marble building. 

14. Doha - Located along the coast of Persian Gulf, it is the capital of Qatar. It is developed from a small fishing village into modern city after the discovery of oil in 1949. It is country’s major commercial, industrial, educational and cultural city. Here people of South Asian origin reside in large numbers. From here, oil and mineral gas are exported. 

15. Bangkok - It is the located on the bank of River Chao-Phraya and is the capital of Thailand. It is the third largest city of south-east Asia. It is a major port and major industrial city of the country. It is a centre of ship building, electronic goods and food processing. It is very popular tourist place in the south east Asia. The total population of this city is more than six million. 

16. Tokyo - Located on Honshu Island, capital of Japan, it is a modern city. It is also the largest industrial region of the country. It is the major centre for car manufacturing, surgical equipments, ship building, auto mobiles, optical goods and electronic goods. More than 100 universities are there in Tokyo. It is full of earthquake protected sky scraper buildings. Its Narita Airport is one of busiest airport in the for East. 

17. Seoul - Situated along the bank of Han River, it is the capital and largest city of South Korea. It is a major commercial and industrial city. Olympics – 1988 had been held here. Ship-building, car manufacturing, cement industry, chemical industry and food processing industry are the major industries here. About 50% of the industrial output of Korea comes from Seol. 

18. Vientiene - Located on the bank of River Mekong, it is the capital and the largest city of Laos. Tin, cotton cloth and wood cutting are the major industries. 

19. Yangoon - Located along the Gulf of Martban, it was the former capital of Myanmar. It is country’s major industrial and port city. Rice, wooden mills, food processing, chemical, oil refining and steel etc. are major industries. 

20. Dhaka - Capital and the largest city of Bangladesh. It is famous for cotton cloth industry and jute industry. It is also known as city of mosque. 

21. Bishked - Located on the slope of Tian Shan Mountain, it is the capital of Kyrgystan. It is a clean and beautiful city. An international airport is also located here. It is famous for cloth, petrochemical, gold ornaments, and food processing industry. 

22. Bandar Seri Begawan - Located on Borneo Island, it is the capital a natural harbour and port and a primate city of Brunei and the country’s largest city. It is a beautiful and attractive cultural centre. Tourist come here in large numbers. It has a large palace and the largest mosque in the south east Asia. A palace built on wooden pillars located in water is the main centre of attraction. From here, mineral oil and natural gas are exported. 

23. Jerusalem - Located on the west of Dead Sea, at present it is the capital of Israel. It is the country’s ancient cultural city. It lies in the Judean Hill about 30km. from the Jordan River. It is also called as ‘Religious city’ of Israel. It is a pilgrimage centre of 3 religious – Christains, Islam and Jews. The Temple of Soloman is located here. 

24. Ulan Bator - Situated on the bank of Tola River. It is the capital of Mongolia and the country’s largest city. Earlier its name was Urga and in 1924, it was named as Ulan Bator. The winters are very harsh (-25 C) here. It is the country’s major industrial and cultural city. It is a centre for cement, engineering goods and food processing. 

25. Naypyidaw - Situated along the banks of Irrawaddy Rivers, it is new capital of Myanmar. It is totally fortified and planned city. 

26. Yerevan/Erivan - Situated on the Raydan River, it is the capital and cultural city of Armenia. It is a million city. 

27. Kabul - Situated along the banks of Kabul River, it is the capital and cultural city of Afghanistan. Kabul is about 3000 years old. This historical city has been destroyed are rebuilt several times. 

28. Beirut - Located along the Mediterranean Sea, it is the capital of Lebanon. It is the largest city and major port of Lebanon. It is also called ‘Paris of West Asia’. Here Mediterranean climate is found. Therefore, tourists come here in large numbers. It is located on the cross-roads of Asia, Europe and Africa. 

29. Abu Dhabi - Located along the Persian Gulf. It is the capital and largest city of U.A.E. It is U.A.E.’s major oil producer where onshare and offshore oil regions are present.

30. Pnom Penh - Located on the confluence of Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers, it is the capital of Cambodia. It is the country’s cultural city. 

31. Taipel - Capital of Taiwan (Formosa) and the country’s largest city. It is located along the Pacific Ocean and is the country’s major port city. It is famous for ship building, electronic goods, hardware, cloth industry etc. It is famous for skyscraper buildings. It is a major financial centre. 

32. Tashkent - It is the capital and the largest city of Uzbekistan. In the nearly regions, natural gas and coal, zinc etc. are found. 

33. Ashgabad - Located on the bank of Karakum River, it is the capital of Turkmenistan. It is situated in Karakum desert. Carpet making, packing of the fruits in boxes, cotton cloth and craft making are the major industries. 

34. Dushanbe - Located in the north-western part of Tajakistan, it is the country’s capital. It is country’s major industrial and cultural city. Cotton and woolen clothes, carpet, light machinery, chemicals are its main industry. 

35. Astana - It is the new capital of Kazakistan. In this city, Kazak people are dominant. Famous for handicraft and craft industry. 

36. Kathmandu - It is the capital and largest city of Nepal. Founded in 723 AD, it has a population of about four lakh. The Poshupati Temple, the east-west centre etc. are the places of great attraction in the city.

37. Thimpu-  Situated in Himalya Valley, it is capital and cultural city of Bhutan. 


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