Thursday, October 02, 2014

Important Facts about major rivers of Australia Continent

In Australia, perennial rivers are few. Because of high temperature and low rainfall terrestrial drainage is less developed and many rivers flow in the form of underground drainage. Heavy rainfall occurs only near Great Dividing Range and rivers have sufficient water. Rising from this mountain range and flowing east wards, these rivers are small and swift. They make waterfalls in their upper parts but in lower parts water flow is blocked giving birth to situation of flood. The valley of some rivers are used for railways. Hunter and Fitzroy are such type of rivers.

1. Murray-River - It is the most important river of Australia. Murray, along with its tributaries Murrum Bidgee, Lachlan and Goulborn, flows in region of south-east Australia. Murray and its tributaries originate from ‘Mt. Kosciusko’ located in Australian Alps.

2. Darling River - Originating from the Great Dividing Range, Darling River flow through states of New South Wales and Victoria in Australia. Agriculturally, its basin is well developed. It is known for the cultivation of Wheat, Barley, Maize, legumes, orchards, vegetables, fodder and sheep farming.

3. Flinders River - This is the longest river of Queensland State of Australia, rising in the south-west slope of the Gregory Range. The maximum discharge of water is in the month of March and April.

4. Great Artesian Basin - Located in north-east Australia, it is the world’s largest basin of Artesian wells. This basin contains nearly 6000 nether world breaking wells which provide 130 crore litres of water daily. The water obtained from here has given impetus to animal rearing. This water is also used to fulfil household and industrial necessities. 

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