Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Small Countries of Africa Continent - World Geography

1. Djibouti - Located on north eastern coast of Africa and is one amongst ‘Horn of Africa’ countries. It makes boundary with both Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Djibouti is country’s capital and a port town. It is famous for export of salt, animal hides and shoes. 

2. Eritrea - Located on Red Sea coast, it was Ethopia’s ancient northern province which is now the 32nd independent state of Africa. Massawa is the major port and Asmara is the capital. Its area is 117600 Sq. km. 

3. Burundi - A small country of central east Africa. It is one amongst the poorest countries of Africa with high population density. Its capital is Bujumbura. It exports Coffee in large amount. People here have special love for cows and keeping cows is considered prestigious in the society. 

4. Malawi - Malawi is a long and narrow mountainous country, whose earlier name was Nyasaland. It is country of natural beauty which is also called “Switzerland of Africa”. Its capital is Lilongwe. 

5. Rwanda - Rwanda is a land locked country. 95% of the country’s population resides in villages and 5% in city. It is an extremely economically backward country. Leather, Coffee, Cotton and metals are exported.

6. Benin - Situated along the Gulf of Guinea, it is a small country of western Africa. It is mainly agricultural country. Palm-oil extraction, sugar and wine making are the major industries. Porto Novo is the capital and major port. 

7. Togo - A country situated along Gulf of Guinea. Its coastal plain is a level surface. Going away from the coast, the plateau part is extended. Lome is its capital and major port. Cotton cloth, leather making, shoe making, craft and preparing food items are the major industries. 

8. Lesotho - It is a small country surrounded by South Africa. Its capital is ‘Maseru’. It is an agricultural country. Cattle breeding is also done here. Diamonds, wool, leather and meat are exported. 

9. Swaziland - It is a small country surrounded by South Africa. Its capital is Mbabane. Here average age is 35 years, which is lowest in the world. Various types of minerals are found in its ‘High Veld’ region. 

10. Equatorial Guinea - A small country situated along the Gulf of Guinea. Its capital is Malabo. Coffee, Maize, Sugar cane and Pulses are the main crops. Precious woods from Ebony, Mahogany, Pinus and Oak are used to prepare timber. 

11. Cote D’lvoire - Situated along Guinea coast, it is a small country. Its officials capital is Yamoussoukro and de facto capital is Abidjan. 

12. Sierra Leone - A small country located along Guinea coast. It is affected by the problem of civil war. Here Indian peace keeping soldiers are in large numbers. 


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