Thursday, November 06, 2014

27th October Newspaper Notes - India out of Fragile Five, Himachal Pradesh Open Defecation free by 2019, Switzerland Gold Import Surged up

1. International Monetary Fund says that India is out of the Fragile five list – Current Account deficit of India is down from 4.7% of GDP to 1.7% of GDP. Foreign exchange reserves of India are up from $ 270 billion to $ 315 billion. So according to IMF, out of the BRICS economies India is best prepared to deal with any of the United State Federal Reserve policies change.

2. Himachal Pradesh is all set to become open Defecation Free state by the year 2019.

3. Ministry of Home Affairs has shown full faith in Adhaar card scheme. This is a reversal of stand as Home Ministers during the previous UPA regimes have expressed concerns about the efficiency of Adhaar to identify identity.

4. Gold exports from Switzerland to India have increased. From January 2014 the gold worth Rs. 7000 crore or 11.4 Billion Swiss francs have been exported to India. Some analys say that these exports are due to the increased demand during Diwali festival season where as there are speculations that black money holders are bringing this money back in the form of gold in view of recent steps being taken by Union Government to uncover black money stashed abroad.

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