Thursday, November 06, 2014

2nd November Newspaper Notes - Uttar Pradesh State Nutrition Mission, People Biodiversity Register, UN Peace Keeping Mission Security Review

1. U.P. Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav launched the State Nutrition Mission in order to make Uttar Pradesh a malnutrition free state. Next in line is the Samajwadi Pension scheme to be launched on 5 November under which around 40 lakh poor women of the State would be provided with a monthly pension of Rs. 500

2. People’s Biodiversity Register prepared by all local bodies of 25 gram panchayats in Wayanad district of Kerala has completed the documentation of total biodiversity available in the region in order to curb bio piracy and check for the extinction of various species. 1 municipality has also completed the documentation.

Note: What is People's Biodiversity register – It is a document which contains full details of all the faunal diversity and floral diversity available in a region and also its distribution in each local body.

The formation of People’s Biodiversity Register has been a cumber some process which involved the process of exhaustive collection of data by many individuals who had the basic knowledge of the biodiversity available in the region. The data that has been included is of wild, aquatic and agro biodiversity which included mainly shrubs, trees, crops, fruits, weeds, herbal plants, timber trees, animals. Where necessary the pictures of rare species have also been included in PBR.

The main purpose of the above step is to reduce degradation and exploitation of biodiversity and also keep a check whether any species is getting extinct thereby restricting environmental degradation. PBR need to be updated regularly.

3. India pressurizes United Nations to review safety of peace keeping missions. Under pressure from India the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has appointed a panel having 14 members whose job is to review peace keeping operations all around the World. Despite this move of appointing a panel, India is not happy as it wanted Security Council to appoint a panel as the current panel does not possess appropriate powers. India is third largest contributor of peace keeping forces all around the world with around 8,132 Indian soldiers on U.N. Missions lagging only behind Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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