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Capital Cities of North America Continent - World Geography

1. Ottawa - Ottawa is the capital of Canada. It is the country’s major cultural and educational city. It is an important centre for the production of paper and pulp. 

2. Washington D.C. - Situated along the bank of River Potomac, it is the capital of U.S.A. since 1800 AD. It is situated in District of Colombia. Congress Library, Supreme Court building, White House and Pentagon are the special land marks. It is a headquarters of many international organizations. The city was established in 1790. 

3. San Jose - This is the capital and industrial, commercial and cultural centre of Costa Rica. It is the trade centre for Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Banana and Food stuff. 

4. San Salvador - Situated at an attitude of about 700m, it is the capital and commercial and industrial centre of El Salvador. 

5. Cancan - Located along the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, it is an important resort in the Caribbean Sea. Its invigorating climate and charming sea beaches attract a large number of domestic and international tourists throughout the year. 

6. Montreal - Situated in Quebec State of Canada, it is the country’s second largest city. It is located on tidal estuaries where River St. Lawrence joined by River Ottawa. It is the major centre of French culture and tradition. It is a production centre of railways, ship-building, aircraft and engineering goods. The headquarters of ‘Canada Pacific Railway’ and Canada National Railway are located here. It is Canada’s major centre for Fur cloths. It is Canada’s chief seaport.

7. Quebec - This city is located in Quebec State of Canada whose specially is that it has grew up on tidal estuaries and situated on the bank of River St. Lawrence. It is the first settlement of Canada and a French city. It is a major centre of French civilization and culture. It is a major centre for ship-building.

8. Toronto - Located in Ontario State, it is the largest city of Canada. It is an important centre for engineering and auto-mobile industry. 

9. Corner Brook - Located in the midst of Newfoundland State of Canada, it is the state’s second largest town. Probably it is largest newsprint mill in the world. 

10. St. John’s - It is the capital and major port city of Newfoundland State of Canada. It is the headquarters of ‘Grand Bank’ which is a region of wide continental shelf. It is famous for fishing. Cod liver oil is produced here in large amount. 

11. Halifax - It is the capital of Nova Scotia State of Canada. It is a major fishing port of N. Atlantic Ocean. The Annapolis Valley located here is world famous for Apple production. 

12. Hamilton - Located in Ontario State of Canada, it is a major city of Canada. It is famous by the name of ‘Birmingham of Canada’. It is famous as a centre for engineering and iron-steel production. 

13. Windsor - It is located in Ontario State of Canada along Lake Erie coast. It is famous by the name of ‘Detroit of Canada’. It is famous for the production of engineering goods. 

14. Vancouver - It is the biggest city of British Columbia State of Canada and is situated near the mouth of River Frazer. It is the western terminus of Canadian Pacific Railway. It is major centre of making wooden boards. It is famous for the export of wheat, packed fish, wood, pulp etc. It is an important centre for lumbering. 

15. Edmonton - It is the capital and the largest town of Alberta State of Canada. Mineral oil, natural gas, Potash and Coal are found here in large quantities. It is winter sport site of Canada. It is representative station of cool temperate continental climate (Ontario) through pipeline. It is largest 
Prairie town of Canada.

16. Calgary - It is situated in Alberta State of Canada near Kicking Horse Pass in Rocky Piedmont region. In the Turner Valley region of Calgary, Canada’s first oil production centre has been established.

17. Winnipeg - Situated in Manitoba State along Lake Winnipeg coast, it is a major town of Canada. It is capital of Manitoba and world’s largest wheat market. It is station of Trans-Continent Railway. It is a major trading centre of Fur and production centre of clothes made out of fur. 

18. Schefferville - It is situated on Labrador Peninsula of Canada. It is Canada’s important Iron-Ore mining centre. 

19. Victoria - It is the capital of British Columbia State of Canada, which is located at southern-most part of Vancouver Island. It is the largest Naval base and fishing port of North Pacific Ocean. 

20. Havana - This is the capital, primate city and main seaport of Cuba. It was the principal seaport of the Spanish during the medieval period in West Indies. It is very famous for Cigars, Sugar and Coffee. 

21. Kingston - It is the capital and chief port of Jamaica. Situated in the south-east corner of the island, it is home of the University of West Indies. 

22. Nuuk - It is situated along the coast of Davis Strait in Greenland. It is a small town of a Greenland. It is capital of Greenland. 

23. Mexico City - It is the capital, industrial, commercial, political and cultural centre and primate city of Mexico. It has the largest slum population in the world. It is the second largest city of the world.

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