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Major Cities of Africa Continent - World Geography

1. Casablanca - Located along Atlantic Ocean coast, it is a major port city and second largest city of Morocco. Chemical industry, cloth industry, food processing industry and electronic goods are the major industries. It is also country’s major financial centre.

2. Alexandria - Located on delta of River Nile, it is a major city of Egypt and second largest city of Africa. It is major port, ancient cultural and educational centre and centre for cotton cloth industry, chemical industry and financial facilities. 

3. Al-Aziziyah - Located in Sahara Desert, it is a place in Algeria. It is the hottest place in the world. The highest temperature in the world i.e. 58 degree celsius was recorded here. 

4. Dar-es-Salaam - Located along Indian Ocean coast, it is old capital of Tanzania. It is one among the busiest ports of eastern Africa. It is an important cultural centre of the country and is important for petroleum industry. It is a centre for cotton cloth, chemical industry, food processing, tobacco and timber industry. 

5. Mombasa - Located in far south of Kenya along the Indian Ocean coast. It is major port city of Kenya. It is a centre of cement industry, chemical industry and ship-building. 

6. Lubumbashi - Located at Zambia border and in Katanga Plateau region. It is a major town of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is called ‘Copper Capital’ of southern part of Zaire. It is country’s major financial and commercial centre. 

7. Benguela - Located along Atlantic Ocean coast, it is a modern cosmopolitan city and major port of Angola. It is a junction of ‘Benguela Trans-Africa Railways’. It is an important centre for oil refining, ship-building and metal working. 

8. Johannesburg - Located in south of Pretoria, it is the financial capital of South Africa. It is the largest city of the country and a commercial and industrial centre. It is world famous for gold mining, gold ornaments, and cotton cloth. So also known as ‘Gold City’.

9. Ismailia - Situated in the northeastern part of Egypt toward the west of the Suez Canal, it is an important strategic city of the country. It was founded and named after Pasha Ismail. 

10. Benghazi - Located along Gulf of Sidra, it is a ancient and cultural city of Libya. It is a important port city. Mediterranean type of climate is found here. 

11. Aswan - Situated in south part of Egypt along the bank of the Nile Rive, this is an important tourist place and resort of the country. It is situated close to the Aswan Dam across the Nile River. 

12. Cape Town - Located in south western part of South Africa. It is country’s legal capital and a port city. Due to being located in between water route of Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean it is an ancient anchor trade sit which is famous by the name of “Port of Call”. Due to Mediterranean climate, it is an important centre for the production of wine and juicy fruits. It was established by the Dutch East Indian Company in 1652. 

13. Ibadan - It is a Nigerian city located on a hill in south of Lagos. The major exports are Groundnut and other agricultural commodities. 

14. Kimberley - A city located in middle region of South Arica. It is famous for reserves of high quality Diamonds. It has been the diamond mining centre since 1870s. It is known all over the world for the diamond cutting and gold processing. World’s deepest man-made mine is located here, which is largest diamond mining in this region. 

15. Marrakesh - Located in southern part of Morocco, it is a major city and the religious capital of the country. Because of houses built of Red clay, it is also called as ‘Red City’. It is a major commercial centre of Atlas and Sahara region. 

16. Port Said - Located at the northern border of Suez Canal along the Mediterranean Sea coast, it is a major city of Egypt. It is country’s major port. The ship passing through Suez Canal go through this port. Founded by Said Pasha in 1859, it is a cultural and industrial centre of Egypt. 

17. Kisumu - Located on Lake Victoria, it is a port city of Kenya. It is the market centre of extensive grains producing region. Africa’s largest Biosphere Reserve ‘Tsawa National Park’ is located here. Due to comfortable climate conditions on highland, it is a famous tourist spot. 

18. Bulawayo - Located in southern region of High Veld, it is the second largest city of Zimbabwe. It is the region’s major centre for commerce, metal product, tyre and agricultural equipment. 

19. Tombouctou - Located on Niger River coast, it is second important city of Mali. It is a major historical and cultural town, where caravans used to stay during their journey. It is major centre of Islamic education and a major tourist destination. Founded by the Tuareg in the eleventh century. During the medieval period, it became an important centre of Islamic learning. 

20. Ceuta - This is a Spanish enclave in Morocco (Africa). It was held by Spain in 1580 on the coast of Africa. Its area is 18sq. km. It consists of a free port and millitarypost  and overlooks to the Strait of Gibraltar. Lying to the south of the Strait of Gibralter, it has great strategic significance. 

21. Porto Novo - Situated along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, it is capital, port city and primate city of Benin. During the 17th century, it was developed as a settlement for the slave. 

22. Darfur - This down is located in western part of Sudan. It is located on a plateau. It is a tribal dominant town. It is affected by civil war. Recently. NASA has given information about a large lake underlying this town. 

23. Kano - This town of Nigeria is located along the margins of Sahara Desert. In the past, it was famous as ‘Market of Slaves’. Presently, it is an important centre for exporting leather, groundnut etc. 

24. Port Harcourt - Situated at the delta of River Niger, it is a major port of Nigeria. In the deltaic and marshy regions of River Niger located around it, mineral oil is produced in large amount. It is famous for the export of petroleum. 

25. Lago - Situated on the delta of the River Niger, it is the old capital of Nigeria and the country’s major port city. Here chemical industry, cloth industry, car manufacturing, ship-building industry have developed prominently. It is the cultural centre of the Yoruba tribe. During the medieval period, it was the main place for the trades of slaves. 

26. Durban - Located along the Indian Ocean coast, it is a city of South Africa. It is the country’s major industrial region and port city. It is famous for chemicals, food processing and sugar industry. 

27. Monrovi - Located along the Atlantic Ocean coast, it is the capital and a major city of Liberia. It is famous for cement industry and chemical industry. Its population is more than half a million. 

28. Kilomoto - This town is located in the north-eastern part of Zaire. It is an important centre for gold mining. 

29. Omduraman - Located at the north of Khartoum and along the left bank of River Nile, it is Sudan’s ancient capital and the country’ second largest town. 

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