Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1st January SSC CGL TIER 2 Video Question Solving Quantitative Aptitude

Question 1. The length of the shadow of a vertical tower on level ground increases by 10 metres when the altitude of the sun changes from 45 degree to 30 degree. Then the height of the tower is

Question 2. If 5tanx = 4, the (5tanx – 3cosx) / (5sinx + 2cosx) will be equal to

Question 3. The sides of a triangle are 16cm, 20cm and 12cm. Find the area of the triangle

Question 4. What is the height of a cylinder that has the same volume and radius as a sphere of diameter 12 cm ?

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  1. awesome videos sir

    really u r doing a great job for the mankind...

    god bless u..

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  2. aks thank you for your good words ....i will post them regularly now....


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