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A Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with A alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Adamant mean-(hard, inflexible) sent-Though she was adamant in the beginning, she came round in the end.

Adverse-mean-(unfavourable, hostile) sent-One must try to overcome adverse circumstances.

Affected-mean-(artificial, pretend, influence) sent-She is proud and always behaves in an affected manner.

Allay-mean-(calm, pacify) sent-The mother allayed the fears of the child.

Accord-mean-(agreement) sent-There is an accord among the family member over this problem.

Adulterate-mean-(make impure) sent- Those who adulterate milk should be severely punished.

Agility-mean-(nimbleness, alacrity) sent-The police acted with agility and apprehended the robbers.

Admonish-mean-(warn, reprove) sent- The officer admonished his subordinates for their irregular attendance.

Assuage-mean-(ease, lessen) sent-Rohan’s friends assuaged his apprehension of injustice at the hands of the Principal.

Alleviate-mean-(relieve, assuage) sent-Saints are born to alleviate the pain and misery of mankind.

Altruism-mean-(unselfish devotion) sent-My friend is imbued with altruism and has made over his property to a charitable trust.

Amass-mean-(collect) sent-He has no time to do good to others and appears to be more interested in amassing wealth.

Acrimonious-mean-(stinging, caustic) sent-There were acrimonious arguments between the two brother causing loss of prestige to the family.

Anomaly-mean-(irregularly) sent-I assure you, it is an anomaly because he never behaves like this in an ordinary course of life.

Aptitude-mean-(fitness, talent) sent-Scientific temper calls for aptitude for liberal thinking.

Alimony-mean-(payment to divorced wife) sent-She has been fighting for alimony from the estranged husband fro two year.

Atone-mean-(make amends) sent-You must atone for the injustice you have done to innocent people.

Ambiguous-mean-(doubtful in meaning) sent-One must avoid the use of ambiguous language while writing on social problems.

Abjure-mean-(give up) sent-You must abjure the pursuit of sinful acts.

Adjure-mean-(request) sent-I adjured my officers to grant me leave for a day or so. 

Allege-mean-(charge without proof) sent-It was alleged by her enemies that she has misappropriated the money of the trust.

Acme-mean-(top, pinnacle, apex) sent-Once at the acme of his political career, now he is at nadir.

Analogy-mean-(similarity) sent-The analogy between the security problems of India and Pakistan is uncalled for.

Appraise-mean-(estimate value of) sent-It is always difficult to appraise the efforts in true spirit if the results are not favourable.

Allocate-mean-(earmark, set aside (funds)] sent-The PM has allocated a huge sum for the uplift of those living below poverty-line.

Adage-mean-(wise saying, proverb) sent-We have often heard the adage ‘Pride hath a fall’.

Adversity-mean-(poverty, misfortune) sent-Adversity brings out the latent qualities in a person.

Affluence-mean-(abundance, wealth) sent-Affluence in his life made him forget the value of character.

Ample-mean-(abundant) sent-There is an ample stock of nuclear weapons in the arsenal of super powers.

Absolve-mean-(pardon, exonerate) sent-At last he was absolved from the charge of misconduct to his officers.

Abscond-mean-(hide, run secretly) sent-Since he committed murder he has been absconding.

Affray-mean-(public brawl) sent-The timely action of the police averted serious mishap of the affray between the two communities.

Annihilate-mean-(destroy) sent-The use of nuclear weapons is likely to annihilate humanity.

Affable-mean-(amiable, pleasing) sent-His affable manners always win his admiration in the society.

Amplify-mean-(enlarge) sent-The students requested the teacher to amplify upon the point under discussion.

Amalgamate-mean-(combine, unite in one body) sent-The two firms were amalgamated under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Appease-mean-(pacify, soothe) sent-Every political party tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank.

Apprise-mean-(inform) sent-The Minister was apprised of the dangerous situation.

Arduous-mean-(hard, strenuous) sent-A journey to Amarnath Shirne is very arduous.

Apprehend-mean-(arrest, fear) sent-Everybody apprehends trouble in the city on account of the abduction of an industrialist.

Ameliorate-mean-(improve) sent-Unless we ameliorate the condition of the working class, we cannot expect the prosperity of the country.

Adulation-mean-(praise, flattery) sent-False adulation of the leaders by their followers is a common practice these days.

Animosity-mean-(active enmity) sent-Animosity between the two leaders has embittered the relations, between the two communities.

Audacity-mean-(boldness) sent-He is feared for his audacity and unyielding attitude.

Amnesty-mean-(general pardon) sent-On the birth day of the Prince, the King granted amnesty to the prisoners.

Ancillary-mean-(accessory) sent-He is serving in the ancillary unit of a multinational company.

Agrarian-mean-(of land, farming) sent-In spite of agrarian reforms, Indian agriculture has not shown remarkable progress.

Acumen-mean-(mental keenness) sent-The Jews are known for their business acumen.

Abrasive-mean-(offensive) sent-Nobody likes her for her abrasive and haughty behaviour.

Amulet-mean-(charm against evil) sent-The saint gave him an amulet to ward off the evil.

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