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Abraham Maslow Need Hierarchy Theory and Herzberg Hygiene and Inducement Factors

Ques.3 Compare the principles of Maslow and Herzberg. Similarities and differences

Ans. The Need Hierarchy concept of Abraham Maslow and Motivation Hygiene theory of Herzberg are similar and dissimilar to each other on various counts.

Need Hierarchy Theory Of Maslow (Societal) -

#Self actualization
#Esteem needs
#Social needs
#Security needs

Herzberg Hygiene and Inducement Factors (Organizational) -

#Growth and Development
#Social Status
#Interpersonal Relationship
#Job Security
#Salary and Wages

Similarity between the two –

(1) The above properties show the broad correlation between the various aspects briefed by Maslow and Herzberg with the only exception of context in which they were given originally.

(2) The theory of both Maslow and Herzberg belong to the content category of Motivation theories.

(3) The Lower level needs of Maslow are broadly similar to Hygiene factors of Herzberg. Similarly Higher level needs of Maslow are similar to inducement factors of Herzberg.

Difference between the two –

(1) Need Hierarchy theory can be applied universally as it has been propounded keeping in mind general social context whereas Herzberg two factor theory has been propounded specifically keeping in mind Organizational Management.

(2) Maslow’s theory can be applied to all kinds of employees where as Herzberg theory is generally applied to white collar employees.

(3) Maslow says that from bottom to top all factors in the hierarchy are motivating for an individual whereas according to Herzberg only inducement factors are motivating whereas Hygiene factors are for satisfaction purposes only.

(4) Maslow’s theory does not provides solution to motivational problems i.e. Maslow only tells the problems faced by individuals but gives no solution to solve them whereas Herzberg details the solution of motivational problems faced by employees in an organization. The solution presented by Herzberg is the concept of “Job Enrichment”.

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