Friday, December 19, 2014

Administration as a means to accomplish common Goals

Ques.8. In its broadest sense, the administration can be defined as the activities of the group cooperating to accomplish common goals. Evaluate

Ans. The word administer is the mixture of two words “ad” and “ministrare”. This means to serve, to direct, to control and manage welfare. Broadly speaking, administration is going on all around us be it a family, our apartment society, our municipality block, the organization in which we are serving etc. Going by the technical definition of administration we can say that administration is performed by all groups of an organization which in turn is run by management. In all of the above examples all group members work in tandem with each other in order to achieve a common set of goals and objectives in the most efficient manner. Administration is of 2 types Public and Private. In both the types two elements are very essential – Collective effort and Common purpose. So we say that in any group/organization the activity of administration is carried on by all the elements in the hierarchy whether it is the Chief Executive officer the top most employee of the company or the lowest level clerk. All of them have to complete their set of work and responsibilities in order to achieve the final objective of the organization as a whole for eg. In Indian Public administration, to finally achieve the target of economic and social development of the poor all three Institutions i.e. Executive, Legislature and Judiciary have to work in sync with each other. Any confrontation between any of their subunits can be catastrophic for the final objective i.e. development of the poor.

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