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B Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with B alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Benevolent-mean-(generous, charitable) sent-He is noted for his benevolent nature.

Biennial-mean-(every two years) sent-The meeting of the members of the Trust is held biennially.

Belated-mean-(delayed) sent-He was sorry for making belated payment.

Beguile-mean-(delude, cheat) sent-Don’t be beguiled by the pleasant manners of hypocrites.

Behove-mean-(suited to befit, become) sent-It does not behove our political leaders to berate one another for failure in the field of economy.

Banal-mean-(commonplace, trite) sent-The stories of Ruskin Bond are not banal because he writes about uncommon subjects.

Brazen-mean-(insolent, impudent, impertinent) sent-Her brazen behaviour at the party offended her poor relations.

Bouquet-mean-(bunch of flowers) sent-He presented a bouquet to his ailing mother.

Brooch-mean-(ornamental clasp) sent-She always wears a brooch on her pullover.

Blatant-mean-(openly shameless) sent-His behaviour was condemned as blatant when he blamed his father for his own misdeeds.

Bantering-mean-(ridicule (good nature)) sent-Even his bantering was considered offensive.

Broach-mean-(open up discussion) sent- The parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Reena.

Bereft-mean-(deprived of, lacking) sent-Bereft of wealth and honour, he died miserable death.

Benefactor-mean-(gift giver, patron) sent-Lord Chesterfield did not prove benefactor to Dr. Johnson in the long run.

Benediction-mean-(blessing, boon) sent-The benediction of the elders should always be valued more than anything else.

Bleak-mean-(dismal, gloomy) sent-Khayber Pass is bleak throughout the year.

Bonanza-mean-(windfall, sudden gain) sent-The legacy left by his uncle proved bonanza for him and his family.

Belittle-mean-(disparage, underestimate) sent-Our adversaries always try to belittle our success.

Bellicose-mean-(warlike, militant, belligerent) sent-India must adopt bellicose approach with regard to her security problems.

Bereavement-mean-(death of near and dear one) sent-On account of bereavement in the family, he did not attend office for days together.

Bigotry-mean-(fanaticism) sent-Indians are always shocked at the bigotry and narrow mindedness of other races.

Berate-mean-(scold strongly) sent-The father berated his son for being negligent in his study.

Beneficiary-mean-(person entitled to benefits) sent-Those living below poverty-line are the beneficiary of this scheme.

Betroth-mean-(engaged to marry) sent-She was betrothed to her fiancé last month.

Brochure-mean-(pamphlet with information) sent-The brochure supplied by the Institute provides all the information that you need.

Bestow-mean-(confer, give) sent-Nature has bestowed many gifts on man.

Bid-mean-(effort, order, auction) sent-He was caught while making a bid on her life.

Baneful-mean-(ruinous, poisonous) sent-Drugs have baneful effect on the mind of the youth.

Bravado-mean-(swagger, false courage) sent-Retired soldier often assume the airs of bravado.

Besmirch-mean-(defile) sent-The opposition always tries to besmirch the reputation of the ruling party.

Bovine-mean-(of cow) sent-She is bovine by nature while her sister is haughty.

Baffle-mean-(perplex, frustrate) sent(i)-A wrong signal was sent to baffle the enemy. (ii) All his efforts were baffled by the adamant attitude of his father.

Berserk-mean-(frenzied, amuck, amok) sent-The police went berserk and began to lathicharge the crower demonstrating peacefully.

Boutique-mean-(store for fashionable clothes) sent-My friend runs a boutique in the heart of the city.

Breach-mean-(breaking of contract/duty, peace, rift) sent-Anti-social elements were rounded up for fear of breach of peace.

Bizarre-mean-(grotesque, awkward) sent-The gentry present in the club were not expected to behave in a bizarre manner.

Bode-mean-(foreshadow, foretell, augur) sent-Frequent elections in the country do not bode well for democracy in India.

Blasphemous-mean-(impious, irreligious) sent-Blasphemous acts always lead to communal riots. 

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