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C Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with C alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Chide-mean-(scold) sent-Lata was chided for coming late to the meeting.

Conversant-mean-(familiar) sent-A good citizen is supposed to be conversant with the rules of the road.

Capricious-mean-(fickle, unstable, faithless) sent-Capricious persons change their mind frequently without any reason.

Caption-mean-(title) sent-Please give a suitable caption to this picture.

Carnage-mean-(destruction of life, massacre) sent-The use of atomic weapons can cause carnage that is impossible for human mind to foresee.

Clemency-mean-(leniency, mildness, kindness) sent-A judge should never dispense with clemency while dealing with criminals.

Chaste-mean-(pure, virtuous) sent-She is known for her chaste character.

Cogent-mean-(convincing, forceful) sent-He could not offer any cogent reasons for his absence.

Compatible-mean-(harmonious) sent-They always had compatible relations because there was deep understanding between them.

Collusion-mean-(conspiracy, nexus) sent-The local M.P. was found in collusion with the smugglers operating in the town.

Contingency-mean-(emergency) sent-My father always maintains contingency fund to meet with unforeseen expenses.

Condone-mean-(overlook, forgive) sent-His fault is too serious to be condoned.

Consensus-mean-(general agreement) sent-A good government can be run efficiently by consensus among all the parties.

Corroborate-mean-(confirm) sent-I am speaking the truth and my father is sure to corroborate my statement.

Crestfallen-mean-(dejected) sent-On account of heavy loss in business, he is crestfallen these days.

Conclave-mean-(private meeting)-Both the enemies agreed to hold a conclave without the presence of a third party.

Construe-mean-(interpret) sent-It is difficult to construe the working of laws of Nature.

Cryptic-mean-(mysterious, hidden) sent-She was never forthcoming in her replies which were wholly cryptic.

Calamity-mean-(natural disaster) sent-Though man claims to have conquered nature, he is frequently struck by calamities.

Commensurate-mean-(equal in proportion) sent-The income of Indian farmer is hardly commensurate with the labour he has to do.

Commodious-mean-(spacious, comfortable) sent- he has built a commodious house because his sister is likely to live with him.

Capitulate-mean-(surrender) sent-After long encounter the militants had to capitulate.

Compunction-mean-(feeling of regret, remorse) sent-Even the hard core criminals felt compunction at the injustice they had done to the family of their rivals.

Canine-mean-(of dog) sent-The flatterers follow their masters with canine faithfulness.

Callow-mean-(inexperienced) sent-Though he is a callow now, he will gain experience by and by.

Chagrin-mean-(annoyance, disappointment) sent-The defeat of our team filled us with chagrin.

Censure-mean-(blame,criticise) sent-Censure Motion in the Parliament could not be tabled for want of quorum.

Calibre-mean-(capacity, talent) sent-His calibre for doing work in a meticulous manner is always appreciated.

Cede-mean-(transfer title (land)) sent-India should never cede an inch of land to any foreign country.

Chauvinist-mean-(blindly devoted) sent-A chauvinist is incapable of realizing his fault in his thinking.

Celestial-mean-(heavenly) sent-The study of celestial bodies always interests me.

Clandestine-mean-(secret) sent-Clandestine activities of the smugglers are well-known to the police.

Covert-mean-(hidden, implied) sent-The covert warning he gave to me opened my eyes to the reality of the situation.

Catastrophe-mean-(calamity) sent-A catastrophe in the form of cyclone has struck the coastal cities of India.

Condolence-mean-(sympathy) sent-I visited my friend to offer condolence on the death of his uncle.

Chastise-mean-(punish) sent- Rita was chastised for her unruly behaviour in the presence of the guests.

Connivance-mean-(pretence of ignorance, overlook) sent-Criminals have been carrying on their nefarious activities with the connivance of the police.

Contraband-mean-(illegal goods) sent-Customs Department has not been able to stop traffic in contraband goods.

Countermand-mean-(cancel, revoke) sent-The Election Commission has countermanded the election of the M.L.A. for over spending in election.

Colloquial-mean-(pertaining to conversation) sent- Colloquial language should be simple and easy.

Conflagration-mean-(widespread fire) sent-As long as the nuclear arsenal exists in the word, there is every possibility of nuclear conflagration.

Compliant-mean-(docile, flexible) sent- He is admired for his compliant nature.

Cliché-mean-(stereotyped phrase) I never listen to the speeches of the leaders because they are always full of clichés.

Condign-mean-(adequate, rigorous) sent-No punishment, whatsoever is condign for a rapist.

Congregation-mean-(religious gathering) sent-The militants did not hesitate in throwing bombs at the congregation gathered in the religious place.

Chary-mean-(cautions, watchful wary) sent-We should be always chary of the strangers.

Coerce-mean-(force, repress) sent-She was coerced by her husband into bringing money from her parents.

Confound-mean-(confuse) sent-On seeing the ghastly sight of murder, everyone was confounded.

Cache-mean-(hiding place (store) sent-Cache of illegal arms was recovered by the police.

Cavil-mean-(find fault) sent-Please don’t cavil about unimportant matters.

Charisma-mean-(popular charm, spiritual grace) sent-Swami Vivekanand always stood out in the crowd because charisma reflected on his face.

Castigate-mean-(punish) sent-The thief was castigated by the police.

Carping-mean-(find fault) sent-Carping critics were responsible for the miserable life of the English poet, John Keats.

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